Younger guy came to my GH yesterday

His cock was amazing, he was already getting hard as it came thru the slot. I lightly ran my fingers around it and just licked the tip as he hardened up with a slight upward angle. Wonderful head on it, very smooth and large, I licked it hard while holding him firmly and felt his pulsations as I did so. I teased him for a good ten minutes then just sucked on him relentlessly until he came with so much intensity I could feel the first few ejaculations hitting the back of my mouth. He was moving the door as he exclaimed how great it felt but I just kept on lightly sucking on him as he came down from his orgasm. I sucked on his balls for a minute to give his cock head a break then licked my way back up to it. I heard him moaning in pleasure and telling me how great it felt again as I began sucking on him for a second load and finally after many minutes of teasing and sucking he came again and told me that this was by far the best cock sucking of his life.
I told him to message my anytime he wanted to be pleasured, hope he comes back soon.

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  • I didn't know GH's were open yet because of the Covid-19 thing.

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