Wife and young friend

My wife Dana is 42 very well in shape I’m 9 years older than her. I’ve noticed I can’t my cock erect as I used to. We’ve discussed this, even to the point where I’ve brought up Her needs and me wanting her to stay loyal to me and not some young random guy at her job. She’s been getting hit on by guys since we both can remember. She tells me how some of them are very attractive. She loves sex and almost more than me. We talked about her getting a good hard fucking like I used to several years back. One day I met a friend of hers from work who came by to help me put up an attic ladder.
The job took several days and he seemed very cool and nice. One night when Dana was giving me a blow job I decided to ask her what she thought of him. While she was sucking I noticed the express in her voice. One that indicated she thought he was hot. So I asked her if she thought he had a new ce cock would she fuck him if she had a chance. Once again she loaned umm hmmm with my cock in her mouth.
I decided to have him over one night for drinks in the back.
After a while I brought up Dana and how the guys reacted to her. He was hesitant at first but admitted all the guts had the hots for her. When we both got up to get a drink I told him if my issue and her need for sex and if he could keep his mouth shut he could play with her as I pretended to call it the night that would be my signal. Of course he thought it was a joke and said everyone respects Dana and he didn’t want to compromise that.
I told him he would be doing us both a favor. After about 2 hours later everyone was feeling drunk and I told both to keep enjoying themselves as I was ready to call it the night. After about 30 minutes later Dana’s friend comes in and tells me she asked him to come inside and see if I was asleep.It wasn’t long before Dana and him were making out then I see her hand reaching for his cock. After a while I can tell she has in in her hand then she falls to her knees and all I can see is her head bobbing. He finally decides to sit when I see her shorts come off and she riding his cock. My cock is in my hand and I’m trying to stroke. A few minutes later I can hear Dana grunting. I finally get to see his nice sized cock when he positioned her doggy.
It’s hot seeing her pumping his cock back
Next thing you know he’s pulling up his pants and leaving out the back gate
When Dana comes in the bedroom I just couldn’t hold back and ask her how it was.
She is hesitatant at first then I say it’s ok it’s what I’ve wanted for a while
She walks over to me and I start sucking
I can smell the aroma of beer on her tits when
she lays me down and I get the first taste of a wet used pussy. The best feeling ever and knowing she loved his bigger harder cock made me explode immediately right after that I go down on a double cream pie. It’s just my way of fixing a small problem that could get worse


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  • Went to bed early just like you. A buddy was over, 3 of us having beers. Had to get up early. @ 2Am she's still not in bed. Better check on her, peek out the back door, she's giving him a bj. Pretty sure she has a work BF too. I'm not good with it, but not a divorce thing -- we're done having kids -- and now I feel free to fuck around too.-- we get along great and she's still a knockout. Didn't let them know I watched the bj. Pride thing -- he doesn't know I know my wife blew him.

  • My husband of five years just doesn't fulfill my needs anymore. Either he's to tired or has to get more sleep whatever I end up masturbating a lot when he's at work until our neighbors son who's Black and 17 came onto me one afternoon. he is Black and I seized the opportunity and fell in love with his cock. Now it's a daily thing between us. and I am his first white chick and I know someday it will, end but for now he is my lover.

  • This after noon he came by with his friend and well he came onto me big time and I took em both on. Couldn't believe I took one anal and the other in my pussy and they had me cumming on them allmost continuously and they both came at the same time and milked them dry.

  • Whatever works for you!

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