Mom/son fantasies

Be fore anyone judges or try's to preach pls take time to read and remember this is coming from the 14 year old version of me. I was in my room listening to my headphones alone and mom had been out with some friends for causal drinks which was not a regular thing and I heard her come in close the door and go to what I thought was her bedroom thought nothing of it. Sometime went by not sure how long I thought I heard noises but ignored them until I could hear them over my headphones. I took them off and immediately recognized what I knew as sexual moans. I only knew from porn. So curious I thought maybe mom was watching a naughty movie I mean who hasn't so since I'd watched all hers before. You know. 14. I was curious which one it was just bc I always was more curious and interested in what made people tick even then. As I get closer to her door I'm being quiet so she doesn't know. As I pass bathroom door I hear it coming from inside so I slowly lay on floor and look underneath the door and almost hypnotized I see my mother sitting on a realistic dildo which from what I know now was average thickness and guessing 8". She was riding it all the way down to the floor which is where she would moan the loudest. She thought she was home alone so was not holding anything thing back at all. Her whole body was nude I could see every inch of her exposed facing right at me. I thought about getting up but was afraid she would hear me. So I laid there completely still and watched as my beautiful mother no longer knew as my mom at this time. I felt like I was just watching a stranger pleasure herself like I thought was only on movies. The way she moved and Mohamed was nothing like I'd ever expect from a woman I knew as mom all this time. And as she grinded on her toy she grabs another skinny thing off sink and I watch her put it in her mouth as she moans and rides the bigger one. She began sucking it like I could only imagine she would have on a penis. She didn't deep throat it or anything like I had seen on so many porns but was sucking it purposely and as I imagine she was pretending to give oral while riding another she lifts up and spits on the tip and licks it all over and she starts pushing it against her ass which I could not see. After a few attempts she let out a moan and slides it into her what I like to think tight ass. And takes them both deep as she can. Her whole body language and temperament changed almost immediately as she began to cum she rode them both past her orgasim and slowly slide the one out of her ass and began to just slowly use the one inside her vagina as she touched herself. She started to get up and I started to move but she took the door straight from bathroom to her bedroom and shut it behind her. I snuck back to my room processing everything I just witnessed. I was aroused but also in shock. Wasn't sure if it actually happened or I imagined it all. But I knew better. So I sat in my room for as long as I could stand was probably 3 mins and pretended I just came in the front door which she locked behind her so she could obviously have so alone time. So I headed right for bathroom and pretend to use it and peeked under her other door and she was laying there without even realizing it I don't think rubbing her now wet pussy and rubbing her breast. She was not shaved they was not the norm then but from what I could see her pussy was not the prettiest I've seen to date but was a pretty pink and somewhat lippy. I got up and left her alone and went back to my room. I could not think straight and a part of me was curious to knock on her door and see what might happen if I told her what I had seen. She was always a talker and loved to work through things. And I knew at that point she would either have to lay there nude as we had the convo or get up to grab something. I never got to see or hear her like that again but she was never shy about letting me in bathroom when she showered why would she be. She had no idea I watched her in one of her most private and sexual moments. I never looked at her the same when she was nude again but for some reason could separate what I saw as mom and what I saw as just a mature sexual woman.
I of course through the years would privately masturbate to all the what ifs and what I actually witnessed. To this day I have fantasies of what I would have loved to have tried with her and what she would do or not do if I would have said something to her.
The adult me would have waited until just shortly after she went in her room still wet and said something and tried to maybe guilt or convince her to atleast let me see her nude and teach me how to eat her pussy hoping for more but not pushing it. And I know after that I would have more chance to possibly explore more with her. And in all honesty would not have been a bad trade bc she would have a steady trust worthy cock on stand by when ever she needed one and I too would have a safe experienced woman I could never have to worry about.
I'm left with more questions than answers but also in those twenty minutes maybe I learned more about a woman's body and how it moves and how lost a woman can get into a legit orgasim. I often wondered too when she would go on dates if those guys ever got the confident woman I got to see. And of course as time went by I was curious if she ever tried two men at once bc she was not shy about doing it herself and if she hadn't her body didn't lie she wanted it atleast at some point.
To this day wish I would have atleast went in her room and said something. At that time it was just me and her and I have a feeling right or wrong she would have let me atleast see her body and wanted to talk about what i just witnessed. And I would make sure and let her know not be embarrassed or ashamed bc she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen when she was riding her toy and moaning like that. I bet and can only speculation that if she let me go down on her only and let me use my fingers would have atleast taught me what her mouth felt like on my penis and let me watch her go down on me. Another question I wonder where she likes to feel cum.

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  • Some moms fantasize about these things too.

  • Just keep on wanking and making up fiction

  • How did Mohamed get worked into the story?

  • This is really hard to believe I think you might have a youthful imagination or maybe you were dreaming, now tell the truth

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