I want to lose my virginity

So my parents were going out of town on a cruise and they sent a friend of the family to come check on me, my mom called me and told me he was on his way. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to lose my virginity, so I got completely naked and put on a towel and made it look like I was just walking out of the shower, I hear him open the door and I dropped the towel and made it look like an accident. I thought he would say something or we would end up having sex,all he said was sorry he backed out closed the door and called my mom. My mom knew that I knew he was coming over, she knew what I was trying to do and she calls my phone and yells at me to put on some clothes. Since then they haven't really left me alone, I've been feeling a lot of sexual urges lately and I want to have sex. But my parents keep on trying to stop me. At this point I just want to lose my virginity and I don't care who it's with.

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  • It is not that hard for a woman to lose her virginity.

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