Forbidden fruit

How old were you when first started getting attention and looks from older guys? I want to hear from the girls that have always had a preference for much older men since they were young or that got primarily attention from older men and family members



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  • Florida man gets death penalty for raping, killing girl
    Associated PressSeptember 11, 2020, 1:48 PM EDT
    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man was sentenced to death on Friday for raping and killing a 9-year-old girl.

    Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Michelle Sisco affirmed a jury's unanimous death penalty recommendation for Granville Ritchie, the Tampa Bay Times reported. He was found guilty last year of first-degree murder, sexual battery and aggravated child abuse.

    Ritchie’s attorney, Bjorn Brunvand, had argued that Ritchie’s abusive and violent childhood in Kingston, Jamaica, and lack of prior criminal history should prevent him from being put to death.

    Ritchie, 41, was dating 9-year-old Felecia Williams’ neighbor, Eboni Wiley, in May 2014, prosecutors said. Ritchie and Wiley were watching the girl one day and took her to his mother’s apartment. Ritchie sexually assaulted and strangled the girl while Wiley went to buy marijuana, prosecutors said. Ritchie then hid the girl’s body in a suitcase and later dumped her from a causeway into Tampa Bay.

    Wiley testified that Ritchie told her he gave Felecia money to buy candy at a nearby store, but she never returned. Wiley had initially told police that the girl ran away but changed her story after Felecia's body was found, officials said. Wiley was charged with lying during a missing person investigation and is scheduled to face trial next month.

    This is what happens when you sample Forbidden fruit sick fucks.

  • Sorry it was always guys about my own age or a bit older. I was about 11 when a neighbor boy who was 16 made me suck his cock in his father's garage. I love sucking cocks thanks to him. He wanted to fuck me but was afraid my parents would find out. So it was strictly oral sex. He ended up joining the Marines after high school. He come home on leave and my cherry was already busted. He fucked me a couple times and I didn't see him again to many years later. He had a wife and five kids.

  • Bullshit you suck at writing.

  • Hot share! Thank you! And when you would drop down to your knees in front of him to suck his dick, were you barefoot? Did you undress him first?

  • Here is true story I like.
    CENTERVILLE, Ga -- Centerville police say they arrested man within within hours of a call of sexual battery.
    The Centerville Police Department says after the alleged assault, officers and detectives got an arrest warrant for sexual battery on the suspect, Wayne Ricky Frazier.
    The Houston County Sheriff's Office Warrant Division located Frazier and took him into custody.
    Additionally, Frazier assaulted the victim while on probation for a previous sexual offense and is a registered sex offender, police say.
    According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's sex offender registry, Frazier was convicted of child molestation in 2005. He's been a registered sex offender since August 2006.
    Houston County's local sex offender registry lists an address in Perry for Frazier.
    Thats a happy ending.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

  • I am not looking for a reaction dumb fuck! I'm looking for an end to all these sick posts ass hole. When are you retards going to get it. Pedophilic posts are sick and disgusting and immoral. Leave the children alone dumb ass. I hope someone see's you post and puts a bullet in your worthless life.

  • Dude if you have a problem with this site then stop going you dumbass your just missing people off this site is for confessions of people coming out about dark secrets respect that if you cant respect that then leave dude

  • Not Gonna happen! You are supposed to be responding to me dick head.

  • Can you please stop adding your trash opinions to my post? You have NO fucking idea what you are talking about and are completely wrong about the guy posting. Shut the fuck up and get a life, I happen to love this site and totally honor and appreciate all genuine shares of their own accounts and feedback from everyone that takes the time to leave them and AM active and avid reader of others post and have been for a while. Fuck you, TO YOU and fuck to all the haters spamming this post. I'll ask what I want. If you don't like a post, then comment on one you do like instead! How hard is that? Hater 😁

  • I like this place too. But your sick post on how young is disgusting and sick. It even goes against this place's rules about posting about sex with minors you where supposed to read before you make up your post. Asking people how young is gonna get the pedos too post and thats exactly what you wanted to read sick fuck. And thats what a few did. You don't like my posts then don't post this crap fuck head.

  • Ladyballs here, children must never be subject to sexual abuse from anyone

  • I was about 12 when I started to get interested in older men, I used to give two brothers that lived opposite me a strip show, their house was a little higher than ours so they had a good view,
    however one day I saw movement in their bedroom window and I knew the boys weren't home,
    I assumed it was their dad, rightly so, I gave him a good show, so now I had two boys and an older man watching me, it was the thought of their dad watching that gave me the biggest thrill.
    my first lover was an older man he about 44 and me nearly 16

  • You have had very unique experiences and I would love to more from you in particular.. your early on seduction of older men in your youth! Email?

  • Too young

  • Fake crap stop making it up dude. Thats right we know you are a guy.

  • I can’t believe the prudes on here. I’m a 23 old female and I’ve used my sexuality since probs 15 in the way I dress act etc face men love pussy and will do anything for you if they think they are getting a chance of your pussy.

  • Could you share some of your early on instances when you were 15 and first realised your power?

  • Share your most taboo encounter!

  • Hmmm and how have you used your sexuality? What are some of the ways that you have seduced them?

  • Dude shut the fuck up. don't need fake posts.

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  • Eight and enjoyed toooooo!

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  • I've been having older men lick my pussy since I was 16.

  • Dream on dude.

  • This question has been asked a lot it is so sick fucks can post about children.

  • People should answer this person's question rather than throwing insults. I'm there are girls that get attention as they mature. It's one to look but it's another thing to touch.

  • No they shouldn't Ass Hole You don't look at children sexually as their are maturing Sick Fuck. Pedophilic's look at children sexually and thats why they should die. If I ever saw a grown up giving a child that kind of attention, I would beat within an inch of their sick life. Then give them to the parents to finish the job. You fucks will never learn.

  • You clearly don't have a sexdrive lol

  • Not for children

  • Are you trying to say that if a amazing fit 14 year old girl with big tits and tight arse walked by you wouldn't look??

  • Yup as soon as I saw she was young I would avert my eyes back and think nothing of it.

  • I would do the same too. Enough with the kiddy porn.

  • We don't like posts about children loser.

  • Stop it you fucking pedo. Your fucking sick and need to die.

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  • Well said!!!

  • Fuck you lady balls thought you weren't into children.

  • You fucking go somewhere else.As long as you post this crap, we will post our hatred for it. Every time a new one like this comes out gonna post against that one. From now on. Too bad so sad for you sick fuck.

  • Fuck You pedophilic posts are banned here to. Ass hole. You are a sick fuck to post that. You go back underground where you belong. If I had my way it would be six feet fuck head.

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