My true lover

I'm a guy, 34, that has always lived jumping from one relationship to the next for a reason: I cheat on them all from the beginning. The explanation for it is that my older sister (37) and I have been in love since we were teens, and we're addicted to each other. No other person triggers such lust in us than we do in each other.
I couldn't explain why it happened, but we were very close since we were little, and our mother wasn't around much because of work, she raised us alone. So when puberty kicked in, giving in to our impulses to kiss and experiment came naturally. Eventually it was sex: I lost my virginity to her. We know it's wrong but we could never stop ourselves. On the contrary, the taboo around it made it more compelling. it was only until our 20s that we decided to date other people to keep appearances, but in reality we're only truly in love with each other.
Perhaps a lot of people suspect us, going unmarried for so long and me going to my sister's place "for lunch" so often (I'm the only man that consistenly walks in and out of that appartment and she's incredibly loud when she cums, and I'm guessing the neighbors are not that stupid). the only person that knows about us is one of our best friends, who openly accepts us and is even involved in our sex life every now and then (we sometimes have threesomes). It's a frustratingly secretive lifestyle, I can't tell the world who's the woman I love and find so sexy. But I wouldn't give it up for anything.


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  • Thats disgusting.

  • It's unfortunate that you and your sister have had to live a lie by dating other people. Perhaps it's worth moving to a different area so you and your sister can be together freely. In a fair world you would be allowed to marry your sister. If you two are happy then good luck to you both!

  • Fuck you lady balls.

  • Give it incest lovers your fake bull shit is old and lame. God you are pathetic liars.

  • There does seem to be a lot of incest related confessions lately. Enough!! Give me some good old adultery.

  • Incest is very popular

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls.

  • You can deny it as much as you like but plenty of people love it

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