Swimming teens

Ok so I appreciate that it's not considered ok but I've just had a proper treat at the riverside and had very filthy thoughts...

I was out on my bike and stopped by a secluded riverside spot for a break. While I was sat there three 14yr old ish girls came down, set their bags down and proceeded to strip down to little swimming costumes right beside me...

A couple of adjustments of their suits gave me a quick glimpse of some gorgeous bare skin and had bad thoughts running through my head. Add in that one of them kept looking over at me and smiling had me happily imagining what if be allowed to get away with if left alone with her small teen body...

My head was full of mentally stripped teens and watching them one by one sliding up and down my hard cock before shooting my load all over their faces...

If only lol Will have to make that a regular route from now on...😉

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  • I have this fantasy. You lock two ten pound weights around you legs and throw away the key. Then you go swimming out in deep water and you drown. That would make my day!😊 Hows that fantasy? I have just as much right to post it as you do.

  • 14 year olds are so hot!!

  • Nice

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