Hot stepdaughter

My stepdaughter Sophie turns 18 next week,I'll be honest with you,I've spied on her coming out of the shower,listened at her door while she fucks her boyfriend,I've even stood in my bedroom with a big hardon after I've showered and shouted to tell her the bathroom is free knowing she has to walk past to get there!! What a body she's got,Sophie is a personal trainer and stunning,she went out for the first time hitting the bars with friends 2 weeks ago,she really enjoyed herself,last night she went out again,my wife dropped her and 2 of her friends into town at 6 o'clock,4 am she rocks back home!! My wife had fallen asleep on the sofa,I headed to bed at midnight,the front door opening woke me up,Sophie staggered upstairs and into her room,I got up to check she wasn't too drunk,she'd had a few!! Good evening I said? Yes fab night,I turned and walked back to our bedroom,Sophie's bedroom door stayed open I glanced back in at her,she'd already taken her dress off,I stopped in my tracks and continued to watch,she didn't wear a bra with her dress,there she was right in front of me,tits on show and a skimpy black thong on! Awesome sight!! She then takes her thong off showing her gorgeous shaved cunt! With that she lifts her head and looked right at me, fuck,im busted went through my head. How wrong I was,Sophie grinned at me and starts rubbing her pussy!! I dropped my lounge wear bottoms and began wanking my cock,fuck how risky and wrong was this!! Sophie sat on the edge of her bed and called me in,how could I resist?? Cock in hand in I went,nothing was said,I walked towards her and she just dived for my cock,I was being sucked off by my stepdaughter!! I was rock hard,I pushed her off and onto her front,stick your ass in the air I told her,wow ! That's what I ll say! I licked away at her asshole and pussy she tasted incredible,I was just about to fuck her when we heard a voice from downstairs,Sophie are you home??? Fuck!! I've never moved so fast... yeah mum I'm home,she's OK hun I've been in to check on her 🤭🤭 alright,I'm going to stay on the sofa,no problem hun I said and got into our bed!!! I've only just got in from work,Sophie is up the gym until 10 ... what do I say or do when I see her 🤔???

13 days ago

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