Made sure she caught me

Wednesday night Kelly told me at dinner that she was going out with her boyfriend that weekend,I said ok,,hope you have fun.Kelly looked at me and smiled and thanked me saying she always did .She told me her mans cousin was going to be visiting him this weekend and it would be wrong to make him stay at Bills house alone while she and Bill went out and fucked.I told her that I didnt know anyone that she could fix the cousin up with.Kelly told me that his name is Ty and she knew someone that would be perfect to be his date.I casually said Oh really and asked her who it was.She giggled saying that Ty was gay ,she went on to tell me that I was going to be Tys date on Friday night.I told her she was crazy,saying that I wasnt gay .I couldnt be Tys girlfriend,I didnt even look like a girl .Kelly got up and said thats right,,you dont look like you are his girlfriend right now,she grabbed my hand and pulled me up and headed to the bathroom and said but when I get finished you are going to be so girly and you are going to be Tys girlfriend wheather you want to or not.She told me it will be a lot easier and less painfull to just agree to be Tys date because if she had to she would have a huge man beat me till I begged her to turn me into a little slut .She told me that if I had to be forced to beg her to turn me into a little slut that Ty was going to use me like one on my date and any time he wanted to after that. She told me that if I went with it willingly that she ,her date,Ty and me would be the only ones that knew that I went out with a real man dressed like his girlfriend ,if they had to force me to go then they would tell everyone that knew me.She said it would be hell going to work after all the men there found out that I liked to be a girl and went out on dates with men. She promised that she would tell them that I loved to suck cock also .Every man who sees me would be asking me to suck their hard cocks.I was beat ,,I looked at my wife and before I could ask she told me to beg.I felt like I was going to pass out when I begged her to please fix me up with Ty .She made me promise that I would be a good girl and would do what ever I had to to make sure Ty had a good time and was happy when he dropped me off from our date. Two days was not enough time to learn how to be a girl and be able to be a good date for her boyfriends cousin and I told her.She told me that I needed to get as much practice as possible before my date and I agreed with her and asked how she was going to doo it.Three hours later my body was hairless,,eyebrows plucked and thinned,,I was wearring a skirt and blouse,,high heels ,panties and a bra and makeup.She had fully feminized me and told me that she was going to make sure I was able to make my boyfriend happy on our date.

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  • Gay men don't want to date a girl, they want a real man.

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