Father inlaw

This happened only once I. The heat of the moment.
We were all camping on a Friday night.
Our camper was next door to my husbands parents camper.
His mom was a nurse working a 12 hour shift this Friday. We were all setting around a campfire drinking and it was getting late
My husband had driven straight through the night before (he is a truck driver) so he could make it home in the evening.
Needless to say he was wore out. He took the kids to the camper and crashed and his dad and I sat around talking and had another beer.
I’m 28 at the time. His dad is 56. Attractive somewhat older version of his son and about 40 pounds heavier. I was wearing my pjs silk shorts and too with a robe. Had taken a shower earlier before Tom my husband went to bed.
I was horny on this night. Tom had been gone all week and I knew he was too tired for me tonight. I noticed MIKE (toms dad) looking at my legs as we set there side by side. At first I was embarrassed and the more time went on I got excited thinking he was checking me out.
Idk if it was the alcohol or just being lonely/ horny I shifted so he could see more of my legs.
Now I’m not a long legged blonde bombshell. I’m 5 foot brown hair. But always liked my smooth tanned muscle toned legs.
He was alittle drunk so staring at my legs was
Alittle more obvious blatant I guess.
I rubbed my legs and said what did I miss something when I shaved?
He looked up and said what? No no I just was
Thinking your tan is getting darker.
I said yea I need to lay out nude because my butt is white as a ghost.
He laughed and said really? The hint of a question in his reply being tipsy bold I stood and pulled my shorts to the side showing him my white ass cheek. He started to reach for it and i was startled and pulled back quickly letting out a little sccrrrch lol and he said keep it down don’t want to wake the entire campgrounds. I laughed said sorry didn’t expect you to reach out. With out thinking I turned and showed him again and said what was you reaching for? He stutters and said I’m sorry I was thinking how firm it looked was going to give it a squeeze lol .
I back alittle closer and said okay.
He hesitated and then put his cold hand on my butt tensing me up feeling his fingers slip under my shorts and he squeezed it.
I to my surprise thinking back pushed against his hand making him more bold. With both hands. I wake up and pull away realizing I’m letting my fat father-in-law feel me up. We started to call it a night changing the subject and pick up lawn chairs and start putting them against back of camper where the wind won’t get them. He comes up behind me with chairs as I am stacking them I feel his belly against my back as I turn and stack the chairs. It was tight back there between the bushes and camper.
My body instinct I guess when I felt him behind me being horny push my ass out against him. When I pressed against him I felt him push back
My mind left all senses. The forbidden thought of it with the alcohol I let out a quite moan and pushed harder against him. He put his hands around me and I lean back against his belly thinking what am I doing as he grabbed my tits and leaned down and kissing my neck. It got pretty heated behind the camper. I broke us saying someone could catch us knowing it’s dark and no one would but was just trying to calm down the situation. I was not going to fuck Mike next. Door to my husband and kids.
He didn’t say anything took my hand and led me into his camper and shut the door. Not even still at this point thinking about what we were doing he sat on couch and pulled my shorts off.
I was in a daze or leaned forward and kissed my belly which felt amazing his hands on my hips he leaned down and kissed my lips I instinctively spread my legs some thrusting my hips forward I felt his tongue run up between them. As I put my hands in too his head with weak knees he leaned back I heard in dark his belt buckle knowing he was sliding his pant down as I stood there in front of him in a cloudy horny daze. He pulled me on his lap and next thing I know I’m straddling him I can feel his cock raising my self not hesitating I line up and slowly lower my self on his fat cock thinking immediately he was bigger than Tom.
My hips take over as I grind myself into him thrusting my hips forward I lean down and lay my head on his shoulder while he sucks on my neck and i hump his cock with all the intensity I had in me. Soon I felt him shoot his load as intense up and climax with him.
We pass out on couch and I woke up at 5 am and sneak out back to my camper. It never happened again sense and we have not spoken of it.


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