When my wife and i was in our 30s we use to go out to bars and would go in separate
I would watch and live to see all the guys hitting on her.
Mostly usually older men.
My wife was 31 only 5 foot tall . Ever notice how women with small tits have nice round asses?
Well thats my wife she always filled out blue jeans well lol.
She has this smile that could seduce anyone she wants.
When we would go home we would both be so horny the sex would be almost like our first time every time
So we werr talking one tome after and this guy that was old enough to be her dad was hitting on her and i asked if she was attracted to him.
She confessed she liked older men and yes she said was attracted to him.
He had given her his number and it she had put it in her back pocket of her jeans. I reached on the floor found it and told her.
You should call him. Flirt with him on phone. So she did right there.
After about 15 minutes she got off phone with him and we fucked again. I could get over how hard it made me and how wet she was..
So the next evening we were talking and he had called her while i was at work. He got her number off caller id. His name was Mike and he was 57 years old 26 years older than her 4 years older than her own dad.
So fast forward about 3 days i had thought alot and i asked Tina if she wanted to take it further. We are only young once. Lol and she lit up with excitement.
If you knew my wife. She is shy quite personality around friends and family but when she had a few drinks she is a flirt.
So i told her i was only comfortable with her having him over to our house. He knows she is married but i told her tell him i am working 2nd shift this week wont be home till midnight.
So she agreed to not take him to our room so any where in house but our room.
I told her i would go drive around while she had him over.
Not a chance in hell i wanted to watch but just did not know if she would be comfortable with it and didn’t want her to act any different knowing i was. I set the blinds in house so i could watch like a pervert and had her set it so he dio come over till after dark. I said so Neighbors wouldn’t see car in drive.
That night Of course Mike jumped at chance . Tina just has on her jean shorts and t shirt i watched her shave herself
She even shave her pussy slick. I wanted to fuck her right there sitting on edge of tub looking at me with that cute smile when i asked why she was shaving there.
She said with a seductive grin all daddies like bald monkeys.
Ih so hes a dady i say?
She laughed and said well he is old enough to be mine.
She sliped on black lace panties with matching bra slid her white cut off jean shorts and t shirt And soon i left and parked down the road.
By the time i was walking back to house i saw him pull in.
My heart was beating out of my chest. I was nervous the first night and excited.
I was rock hard i got to back of house just as she let him in.
He followed her down hall to living room not taking his eyes off her ass.
Fast forward through small talk when he first kissed her i had mixed emotions.
I was jealous at first and I thought for a moment i was doing the wrong thing.
But that soon past.
Mike had gray hair alittle heavy he probably was 200 lbs with a beer belly making me wonder why Tina would be attracted to him.
So they were on couch making out and of course knowing my wife i could hear her breathing getting heavier and she climbed on his lap fully clothed straddling him her hands were in his hair I could see her moving her hips slightly grinding into him.
I don’t think she would ever be this aggressive if she knew I would be watching.
His hands were on her ass and sliped up under her shirt. My jealousy turned into lust as I watched. She stood and slipped down her shorts and climbed back on his lap kissing him deeply as he took his hands and squeezed her ass slipping his fingers inside her panties she teached down and undid his pants standing long enough to get them down to his knees and straddling him again. I saw his hard cock for just a minute. To my delight for some reason it mattered to me at the time.
He was smaller around than me.
It looked skinny compared to mine but I would realize later that he was 8 inches long which I couldn’t tell with him sitting.
Tina was being alot more aggressive with a stranger then i thought she would she was dryhumping him through her panties
I was having trout controlling my breathing watching this.
Kissing more lust filled heavy kissing and i saw him cup her ass pulling her panties aside and he
Lowered her onto his cock.
I was looking through window straight behind them I could see her rocking her hips Mike rached down and helped his oants to his ankles and i could see his balls tight up with every thrust. Tina was rocking her
Hips thrusting them forward she laid her face into his neck as she increased her grinding . I could hear her breathing and moaning getting louder. She was begging him telling him how good his cock felt
I could see sweat glistening down her back and she started raising herself up and down where I could see his shaft sliding in and out of her.
I came right there as i heard her moaning and watching his cock sliding in and out.
I see her tense up and hear Mike moan out as he climaxed with her dumping his load into her. It wasn’t until i saw his huge load running out of her down his cock that I realized we never talked about using a condom.
It had only been a half hour since he got there. I told her have him gone by midnight and im thinking this went quick.
Then she slid down his lap to floor and immediately took him in her mouth.
He put his hand in her long hair and grabed a handful and bobbing up and down soon i could see she was still horny and he was hard as a rock yet.
He stands up holding her on his cock she don’t stop bobbing up and down he pulls her iff him by the hair and she immediately lays on couch and he is lining up to fuck her again. Then i see his cock is longer than mine. nd looks bigger around than I thought earlier. He started pumping in and out. Tina begging him to fuck her hard. Soon i could hear skin slapping as he pounded in and out of her She let out a cute little grunt every pump begging him to fuck her harder and harder he did beating her into the couch cushion.
She had her lgs wraped around him and he took them pinning them At her sides and slamed his cock in her as she screams with pleasure and she started in a breathless voice fuck me fuck me daddy harder . They climaxed again and he fell onto her. She got up minutes later and finally slipped off her panties cum soaked and stretched out. Pulling her shirt off standing in front of him.
She turned and walked towards bathroom
Looking over her shoulder at him with that seductive smile. When she returned he was pulling up his pants and she stopped him pulling them back down and off.
It 10 now looks like she wants her full 3 hours.
She takes his half hard cock and squeezing it then reaching up pulling off his shirt leaving him naked as she was. He was hairy and gray. Im still watching all this hard again wondering why Tina is so attracted.
She runs her hands in his belly and through the hair on his chest hugging him her face in his chest . She leans down and kisses the head of his cock i see him slowly responding as she slowly sliding it into her mouth.
She takes him to the kitchen i have to hurry around the house and just as i get to window i see her bending over the table.
He get behind her and i watch his sagggy ass flexing as he starts fucking my wife doggy style she arches her back as he starts slamming hime harder as the table rocks with every thrust.
She soon to my amazement starts comming and goes limo on table he pulls out still hard and he picks her up and sets her on counter top edge wasting no time he is fucking her again her feet pinned around him he pucks her up walks with her stil buried deep in her to our extra bedroom and I hurried to window and he was already pounding her like a jack hammer.
He pulls her over to edge of bed tells her to get on her knees and started fucking her from behind again.
He grabbed her hair and she let out a scream as he started hammering into her hard Tina was pushing back into him and i heard her so familiar little grunt telling me she is close to another orgasm.


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  • Well after that’s Tory I am convinced I am a cuck if my wife would do that I would be completely her slave that is so awesome you have that relationship

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