Passed out

We were camping last year. My wife is very much a prude with sex. Usually only missionary
We were all setting around camp fire and she don’t ever drink. Out friends made some spiked punch spiked with moonshine.
My wife didn’t realize how much she drank and when she got up to use bathroom I realize she was waisted.
I help her back to camper and put her on bed she soon was out.
I go back and hang with friends for awhile then eventually went to camper my self.
I was half drunk.
My wife was still out on top of bed so i went to oull her shorts off to get her under covers.
When i got her shorts off she looked so sexy laying on too ove sheets with light blue panties.
I got aroused immediately. I took her socks off and got her under covers and i had a raging hardon to deal with.
I wentand sat up front of camper and started stroking myself. Then in my fantasy started thonk of how sexy she looks so i went back and pulled covers off her. I shook her to try to see if she would wake. I thought for a moment and then I pulled her underwear off.
Stroking myself looking at her sexy body
Iend up pulling her to edge if bed and fucking her. It didn’t take me long in my semi drunken state to fill her up witj my load. The next morning surprisingly she did not even have a hangover and said nothing about how she got to bed or being passed out.
I felt alittle guilt nut also turned on think about what i had done.
The next weekend we were drinking again at campfire. I was thinking and watching how much Tina was drinking.
I made her the last one and made it extra strong.
We soon were all getting drunk and it was late so I helped her back to camper.
She was giggling and stuff when i put her on the bed. I pull her shorts off immediately and went to temove her panties and she mumbles to leave them on. I stop with them puled part way off her ass. She just laid ther.
I teach up under her shirt and pull it up over her head. At this time i am rock hard again.
She half out i unhook her bra and throw it on floor. I lay beside her and kissed her nipples and watch them get hard. She rolls over on her side i at this point I don’t think she drank enough.
Hoping she would want sex i start rubbing her ass. She don’t move and i work her panties down . I slid my hand down and rub her pussy.
She dont move. Long story short i get behind her and soon am fucking her from behind. End up rolling her over on belly and fuck her from behind till i unload in her again.
I stay hard and soon start fucking her again i pull her butt up and put pillows under her.
I start exploring her body that she normally is very shy anout me doing i kiss her round ass and start playing with her ass soon im fingering her ass.
I always wanted to try it so yes i lone up and slowly shove my cock in her.
I watched my cock going in and out and soon pulled out and shot my load all up her back.
Yes i am awful. I wipe it off with my hand look at it and end up rubbing it off up and down her ass crack.
I fuck her a third time that night and pulled out
Like i was never allowed to and always wanted to and shot my load on her face. I straddled her and slaped my cock on her lips and face. This only made me more horny.
I felt guilty the next day and told her what i had did. Like a dummy.
She laughed and didn’t believe me and I didn’t push the issue and let it go.
Since then I always have intense orgasm when we fuck because I always think about me slapping my cock on her face.

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  • Wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. It's like sleep walking, VERY open to suggestions, NO inhibitions and I found out, NO memory. Started to see where she would go like that sexually. She would never allow anal sex, but she does about 1/3 of the time on Ambien. I have posted many videos of her beautiful pussy online that she has no idea I have taken, much less posted and actively share. Some guys have sent us videos of them cumming with her vids playing in the background. When she takes her happy drug, I will show those vids to her as I fuck her from behind. I love cumming in her as she sees a guy shoot a load to her pussy videos. REALLY glad she doesn't remember that the next day! Start with a little foreplay and you can email me at for more that what you will just see warm and wet...and so tight... no kids yet as you will see! They get much hotter, and remember she has no clue! Her 1 vid has over 250k views...wonder how many loads have been shot to her.. hmmmm

  • Your sick get help.

  • I suppose if she's unaware then no harm done. But you can still be accused of rape if you are not careful.

  • Next time get some friends , then after all of you BUTT-FUCK her , ask her how she feels !

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