Baby sit

After High school and before college I did some baby sitting to make extra money.
One of the people I babysit for had a twenty year old mentally retarded boy John.
John was a husky guy could get showers and stuff by himself and dress. But he was like having a kindergartner around.
They were going to be going on a cruise with my parents for a week so i got paid to watch him.
The first few days went good with no issues. After about the 4rth day he was more comfortable around me and he would set closer to me watching tv and stuff .
It was late and we had our showers and stuff for the day and was sitting watching tv when
He reached over a tickle me. Or tried to.
I laughed and told him to behave and went on watching tv.
I few minutes later he was again but this time he was using both hands in my ribs and it did tickle. I roll over trying to get away and he was behind me started to hump my butt.
I was surprised and shocked but was able to roll out and sit up.
I told him to be good and pointed my finger at him not trying to be mean just to tell him no in a nice way.
It was Time for bed anyway and i told him so he got up and went to bed. When he got up I noticed he had a tent in his sweats he had on.
Shocked but I guess mot surprised i went to bed .
The next day he hung around me all day. I guess I had a new admirer. That evening when i got a shower i came out if bathroom in a towel
To go to my room and get dressed.
John came up behind me and grabbed my sides
to scare me and it did. I jumped turned around and smiled and said you got me. He laughed and followed me into my room. In my room i told him he had to leave so I could get dressed.
He smiled and stepped forward like he was going to tickle me again and I stepped back and tripped falling onto floor.John just about fell on me but caught himself and helped me up my towel half off me holding it up against me.
He had me by the sides and he started to tickle me again. I turn out if his grasp and my back to him he started the humping again.
I could feel his hardon poking my butt through his sweats this time and a little shiver went through me.
I was not attracted to him at all I just had not been with my BF fir a couple weeks and was horny. I twisted out of his grasp and got him to leave so i could get dressed.
I don’t think he knew what he was doing just that it probably felt natural.
I slip on a night shirt and underwear and go out.
Johns in hallway waiting on me. His sweats tented out like last night i get thinking how big is he?
It was his turn in shower so i told him so and he went in.
A few minutes I could hear the shower running and curiosity got the best of me and I opened the door and peek in.
He was not real hard now at a side view i could see his hLf hard cock was bigger than my bf hard. He was washing his hair I close the door and go sit on sofa alittle aroused and flipping channels. He came out sometime later and we were watching tv he started tickling me. This time I tickle him back and he the one rolling around he is real ticklish.
I stop but he comes right back and gets my ribs i roll away and off the edge of sofa on my
knees. He’s behind me and gets my ribs i buck forward onto the couch and he’s humping me again. This time I don’t try to roll away at first
He rubbing against my butt and i just lay still.
Finally not doing much for me lol i roll out and tell him i got to go to bathroom.
I leave go to my room and slip my panties off.
Come back out just in t shirt .
He’s sitting i sit beside him noticing his tent immediately.
I start tickling him he lays back and i get on him and while tickling his ribs i lean forward and start humping up against him. I look down and can see the tip of his cock sticking out the too of his sweats. He still laughing laid back against the back of sofa i had one goal .
I start tickling him just enough to keep him laughing and holding his arms at sides to try and stop me i slide higher and sit down feeling the heat of his tip against me.
I start thrusting my hips sliding up and down feeling his sweats work down and his head poking at me.
I get it against my lips and tell john to hold still.
I slide down my hands on his chest close my eyes as i feel him stretching into me.
My full weight is on his cock now as a roll my hips. It felt like he was going all the way into my womb.
He was longer and bigger around than I could of imagine. I rick my hips and start riding him.
John just got quite and had had hands on my legs. I feel it building in me and soon i was climaxing jerking and thrusting my hips.
I come down off it and feel him throbbing in me i swear I could feel his heart beat i go to get up and he held on to me with strength I couldn’t overcome.
He rolls and is on top of me . His cock came out so I tickle him he falls back on floor laughing his huge cock sticking straight up.
I go to get up and he was up on me my back to him he started humping me again.
This time his cock jabbing all over between my legs. I reached down under me and grabbed it as he pumped his hips and lined him up and bam he shoved in me so hard it took my breath.
He stated jackhammering me like a rabbit.
My head beating against the back of sofa. Slapping skin against my butt he pounded me hard into sofa it hit me all at once as my muscles clenched up my entire body tightening my breath held then all at once ever muscle in my body relaxes and i feel my pussy throb as waves of pleasure wash over me. I can feel him getting bigger as he pounded me then all at once he froze and jerked and came all up in me then he came out pumping on my back and i could feel him still shooting all over me.
I roll over and he sets back on floor.
I look down at his cock still throbbing in air semen still seeping out the tip.
Sorry for details but it was the best sex anyone could have. His rod was big as my wrist.
I have him lay back and i climb on again not the energy left but wanted him in me. I lower myself on him. In this position he goes even deeper.
Its so tight i can feel him throbbing. I i raise up and down on him and soon i can feel it building again. I climax this time and almost pass out from exhaustion as it waves over me. I lay on floor for awhile realizing they will be home tomorrow.
The next morning I wake my legs wear sore i could feel him as i walk to bathroom running down my legs .
My pussy is red and sore to touch. John gets up and just walks in sees me naked and immediately comes over to me. I told him we can’t but he didn’t understand and pulled me by the hand to his room pulled his pants down and had him sit and took him in my mouth it didn’t take long he came without warning chocking me up my nose and all over my face.
Sorry i had to tell someone about this it was incredible.


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  • I have a friend who's brother lives in a home for the mentally challenged. One day while he stopped in for a visit he found his brother's care-giver sucking on his cock. Roger kept back and let her finish what she was doing then told her if she didn't want him to tell her employer then she would have to do the same for him. Roger and his brother both now enjoy a blow-job once a week from her and once a month she comes over to Roger's place so his brother fuck her. Roger says she is an excellent cock-sucker, even better than his ex-wife and I can attest to her skills.

  • That was hot. Loved the details.

  • So you fucked and let a tard nut inside you. Never go full tard.

  • Not cool.

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