Do all girls go through this?

Mom got divorced from my dad when i was 12
She moved i. Shortly after with Mike.
Mike was okay I thought but then i got weird feeling when we were alone.
He was always watching me.
My seniors year i was a party girl. Never really had any bf but had a lot of guy friends
I was not a slut but I had a few guy friends I hooked up with from time to time.
By this time Mike was just mike. We became friends but I always had this feeling he would
Jump at the chance to tag me if i would let him.
Mom and him got along good but what is it about step dads and daughters?
I am short not skinny just average i guess at time.
Just under 5 foot i have what guys call a bubble butt and no tits
I am so embarrassed about my chest at least back then.
I was home one evening and walked by Mike who smacked me on the ass and said when is your mom getting home?
Now he has done this before but tonight i had on just thin yoga pants and it felt like he hit my bare ass.
I instinctively said ouch.
He laughed said sorry and said come hear I’ll rub it.
Puzzled i said no thanks smile and say mom won’t be hone till 11 she had to cover till closing. I went to my room and still could feel the warm sting of his smack on my ass.
It sorta turned me on.
This got me thinking of all the times i was creeped out about his stares when i was younger.
Mike is a nice looking guy he was 38 twenty years older but fit. Never have I thought of him sexually till this night after he left a hand print on my back side.
I look at clock no knowing at time what i was thinking. It was 7 pm
Mom would not be home four more hours.
Without thinking ahead i go back out Mike was sitting in recliner watching tv i walk past him knowing he’s looking and all the times in past i just overlook it tonight I’m playing with the idea of him looking.
This was getting me extremely excited in away at time I really didn’t put much thought into the consequences.
Mike said, if you don’t move so i can watch tv i will smack that ass again!
I look over my shoulder and smile at him sticking my butt his way and he reach out and smacked me again not as hard but for some reason i liked it.
He saw it because he said
You like that butt smacked dont you?
I shrugged my shoulders and he grabbed my hand And pulled me over his lap.
He said, if you don’t want me too tell me to stop. And he started lightly whipping me with his bare hand. Then got alittle harder i was getting a little wetter.
I said nothing so he said just say stop when ever you want me to stop and he pulled my yoga pants down and started whipping my bare ass. Soon i said okay stop i was breathing hard and trying to catch my breath his hand came down and started rubbing my ass. I said nothing not thinking.
It happened fast and i let he was rubbing up and down soon i could feel his fingers in my butt crack then rubbing on down they were hitting my wet pussy.
He started fingering me as i lay face down on his lap. I look back and can’t believe i let him.
He pulled my pants on off with other hand and kept working his finger in and out of me.
He had on sweats and he stiod me up like a rag doll .
I remember in a haze him pulling them down in one jerk his cock springing up.
I remember thinking about how big it was at the time. He pulled me on to his lap straddling him.
Im in a foggy mind way now.
Not really believing we were doing this. Image of his cock and its size still froze in my mind.
I can feel the hot rid on my belly as i set looking at him now face to face. He leans down and kissed my neck. I am like jello in his hands he pulls me up and sets me on his cock.
With my head looking over his shoulder mike gripping my ass with both hands I slowly feel my self slide down over him.
I can remember how tight it felt stretched me like it was going to rip me apart.
When i was all the way down i felt his hands move to my hips. It was like in slow motion
But then he thrust holding my by hips and i let out a loud embarrassing grunt as he bottoms out. He rolls me over staying in me and starts pumping into me .
My legs were hanging down to the floor and he pulled them up pinned them to my chest.
We are face to face and i could see the lust in his eyes with each thrust pushing me into the chair cushions.
I could hear his breathing getting harder and all at once i felt my body tense up and i stiffened
Building a orgasm in me. It felt like it was going to squeeze the breath out of me and it did.
Then all at once it released and i thrust my hips up feeling a wave of pleasure like i never before.
Squirting I realize now but at time thought i was pissing myself and he came.
Unloading in my as i was slowly coming down off the best orgasm of my life.
I was light head almost passed out.
He lays on my for a minute then gets up on his knees on the floor between my legs.
I just lay there catching my breath trying to get my muscles to respond.
Slowly i could feel come running out of me i was able to set up. Mike kissed me picking me up and took me to my room.
He laud me down on my bed and climbing in with me we fucked two more times.
My legs and every muscle in my body hurt for days after that.


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  • Don't get caught or pregnant.

  • Why not? Hell keep getting that dick. It's obvious your mom is not putting out for the man.

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