I was your normal 19 year old. Horny all the time and party animal.
Dad is a over the road truck driver and was gone 10 days at a time.
Mom was a shy sexy woman. I am one of those guys that was turned on by her but knew it would never happen.
Mom was short red hair petite with freckles.
Her hair was long her legs muscle toned. Her freckles were on her face and chest area. I just knew they were on her breast but never seen them.
I guess growing up I always knew she was hot.
Guys always flirting with her when we went to store and stuff.
So on night i got home from a party. Mom was sitting on couch in her robe and i was about half lit and horny.
Mon had a half a bottle of wine on table and a glass in her hand so i know she had a few.
We start talking about stuff and she just looked so cute setting there.
I felt my cock growing in my jeans. Nothing out of ordinary was said but she said she was getting tired sand went to stand to go upstairs.
She had more than she thought and stumbled i got up and caught her. She laughed and looked up at me Her being only 5 foot i was nearly 6
Her eyes and lips looked so hypnotic i leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Pulling away
Realizing what i did she looked at me with dazed eyes i leaned down and kissed her again.
I could not help it.
She kissed me back and we were at a tung battle. Her hands around my neck i lean forward laying her back on sofa.
Not even thinking i reach down and free myself pulling my pants down below my butt not breaking our kiss.
Mom is breathing hard into my mouth and
I pull her underwear aside and thrust into her.
This all took place from first kiss in a matter of less than a minute .
I remember the heat coming off her and her little squeak that came out of her lips when I bottom out and start jackhammering into her,
Like my life depended on it.
Only took seconds and we were both coming .
My hips jerked forward and i felt my load spray out uncontrollably.
I fall on her we were both shaking, trembling
From the intense 3 minutes we just had.
Mom started crying telling me she was sorry .
She was just so lonely.
I could smell her sweat feel her breathing under me.
My cock was still at attention i kiss her forehead.
And lean down to kiss her again.
She said no.
I lean up and look at her i trace my hands into her robe not saying a word. My hands squeezed
Her tit. I pull the robe open and see her freckled covered tits and lean down and take it in my mouth. Mom pushed at me weakly and said we have to stop.
I ignored her.
After a minute i work my way back up to her neck she’s being quiet now looking into her eyes she shakes her head no.
I set up still horny and even after what she just gave me disappointed.
I wanted more.
She went to stand but leaned into me pants are at my ankles now mom goes to get up but i am on her robe and she half sets on my leg.
She looks at me and pulls the robe out from under me stands and takes it off.
Turned around and standing in front of me naked i look her up and down. Her tits are pointed straight out not big just right i trace my eyes down and see her flat stomach and slightl traces of stretch marks above her mound.
She was shaved all but alittle red hair above her clit.
I look back up mom was looking at my throbbing cock she stepped forward and sat down straddling me.
We fucked 3 more times that night.
It got more intense each time.

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  • What's up with all these short incomplete sentences taking two lines? It makes you look like some kid with poor writing skills.

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