Tight Wife

Knowing that my wife had sex with several previous boyfriends, I was surprised that she felt so tight around my dick when we had sex. I told her that she was very tight. She seemed surprised since she told me that more than 10 guys had fucked her before me. I had never had sex with someone as tight as her.
She told me that my dick while not as long as some of her lovers was much thicker.

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  • I'm the smallest my wife has ever had. Both bfs before were huge and the biggest still was a older fwb in his 30's when she was 21,she said he knew what to do with it and it was around 9 inches. She always felt tight though.
    Few years later we had marriage trouble and decided to have a break. Although we both slept with others I was hurt to find out she had gone back to her fab. She confessed she only had him but it was months worth of sex.
    We got back together and were hungry for each other. My wife was still in her 20's and hadn't had kids or many lovers but after sex the first few times after getting back together I realized her big fwb guy had actually managed to break her in. After foreplay and 5 minutes after penetration she would become so wet and open and my dick felt like it was barely touching the sides of her slippery hole.
    She also learned a new trick from him and taught me. G spot rubbing. It was hot as it gave her mini orgasms everytime and she squirted like hell and made the bed wet but when I stuck my cock in it kinda disappeared into her big sloppy hole.
    To make matters worse I looked through her phone and found some old clips she forgot to delete,they were of her taking his massive cock and I was just shocked at how big he was and the effect it had on her. Us smaller guys are so unlucky and size really does matter.

  • Husband says it took just over a year of our marriage to destroy my flower
    He was my 3rd and got the last bit of my cherry says it looked like a flower till he fucked it enough to destroy it :)

  • My girlfriend told me that Im the biggest shes ever had, longest and thickest. Not as much of a suprise to me though, considering how hung I am.

  • My girlfriend's ex has a large cock, (she told me) and she said it hurt when they had sex.

  • So how do you feel about her taking a big cock before you?

  • Yeah, I'm average below, so I too was surprised how tight my bride was on our wedding night. Supposedly, I was number three in her life. She shredded my member our first night. It took 18 months before marital relations stopped being painfully too tight

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