Some of my friends do not get it

I am a stay at home Mom, housewife, Queen of the house what ever term you want to use for it, I do not have a regular job 40 hours a week, I have an enormous job that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My husband on the other hand has a great career which has kept all of us happy for several years now. My friends for the most part complain about their husbands and I just do not get it, I tell them men are simple, give them as much sex as they want and you do not have to worry about anything else going on in your sex life.
I was at a lunch get together with a few friends and we had been talking about sex and some of the crazier things we have done because one of them wanted to surprise her hubby with something new. Blow jobs came up and I told them that I try to give him one daily, I told them it is so quick and easy to do and it keeps him happy so why not do it daily. I told her to surprise him by just finding him doing something else, walk up and tell him you are sucking his cock, I guarantee he will love it and get hard just hearing you say it. I told them that I have done it while he is out working in the garage, up late for a meeting in his office, have woken him up at 3 am sucking away on him.
She was pretty happy with all the ideas and later when it was just the two of us she asked me if I really try to do it daily and I told her yes I do.


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  • What do you do with all that extra time?

  • A woman who really gets it. Keep sucking sweetheart you sound great.

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