My first time Bi

I am 50, married, and have an urge to suck cock. I want to kiss and lick and suck it and caress the balls and feel his cum spurting in my mouth. I definitely would NOT Kiss a man, But would love to hold and suck another mans Cock.
If I could find another similar married man I'd also love to be Fucked. Definitely.
Just NO kissing, my Cock just goes soft whenever I see men kissing.
Is this weird, do other guys feel the same?

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  • Got drunk with my best friend he was telling me he fucked this girl at work and stretched her out so much her boyfriend noticed and broke up with her. I laughed calling him out on bull shit he got pissed and said he bet me his cock was bigger than mine. Feeling the need to show confidence I laughed saying you lose and half to suck my big dick. I have just over 7” length and have always felt very confident in that department every girl I’ve been with have always been impressed. He laughed saying get ready to suck cock fucker we agreed to turn around and undress then turn and face to show down. I jacked my cock to full size and we agreed we was ready to compare. When I turned my mouth hit the floor he was laughing he was over 10” long and twice my girth. Start sucking you little prick I started trying to talk my way out but a part of me liked what I saw it turned me on. A wanting desire to at lest hold it I reached out stroking his cock he laughed saying there you go. I’ll give you a hand job

  • I started stroking his cock you do have a meaty cock I complimented him I pressed my cock up against his. While it made me look small it turned me on and I said how big his cock was and impressive. Suck it he said moaning I was making him feel good I lowered down and he started laying on the bed watching as my mouth opened. I wrapped my lips around the head my jaw hurt he was the size of a pool ball. I started licking the head and sucking he forced my head down choking me. I gagged as he throat raped me till I almost passed out he rolled on top still fucking my mouth. I was gripping his balls trying to control his depth while servicing his cock. He started grunting and squirted the big daddy load of cum in my mouth I swallowed what I could. My face felt like a glazed donut we both laughed and passed out I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t resist taking another feel I got his cock hard he asked me if I wanted to feel him inside me. My desires and curiosity was so great I said sure he hoisted my legs over his shoulders and gripped my hard cock squeezing it he twisted it like a joy stick then shoved his cock inside me ass. I screamed in pain YOUR COCKS TO BIG GET OUT he laughed shoving deeper. My cock went limp and he shoved his entire cock up my ass I had no strength my lower body felt paralized

  • He started ramming his cock pounding my ass it hurt like hell I begged him to stop but he was like a possessed mad man. He screamed WHO HAS A BIGGER COCK FUCKER, I SAID YOU DO YOUR A BIG COCK FUCKER. I started to enjoy his cock and relaxed letting him take me as he pleased. He was squeezing my cock and finally it got hard he spit on my dick and gave me the most amazing hand job while pleasuring my ass. I squirted my load and his amazing hands pleasured my cock perfectly. He pounded my ass hard for another 10 minutes then grunted as he filled my ass with cum. I let him take me several times that night and morning 😴 I passed out falling asleep. While we have girlfriends we make time to enjoy sex we don’t consider it gay or bi it’s just sex.

  • I'm the same. Have never done it but crave it a lot.

  • I feel that exact same way. Where u from? I'd like to 69 you ;)

  • I have been bisexual since I can remember, but I'm not sexually attracted to men. It's crazy how I can fantasize about sucking a huge cock, and getting it shoved up my ass. I have had sex with a couple of other males in my life, when I was younger and drunk. If a guy hits on me, I get turned off. I can't put a face or a person in my fantasies. I had sex with a guy I didn't like at all, I wanted to have sex with a huge cock to satisfy a fantasy. I loved his big fat cock meat, but that was all, and after about 10 times I was not interested anymore. My solution to this problem is, I accidentally met a beautiful looking shemale with a nice fat cock. I have no problem with kiss or being affectionate with her at all. For me a beautiful woman with a big cock is prefect.

  • No kissing, no holding hands, but cock-sucking is fine !

  • Feel the same way.

  • I would like to suck dick & take their load to my face but that’s it.

  • Yep

  • I have been there it's fun

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