I used to have a fat fetish

This is uncomfortable of me just thinking about it, but here goes. I am 18 years old. For the past seven years I have had a fat fetish.

I would get off to fattened cartoon characters and people in real life. It disgusts me. I never sought pornography of the material though I did watch SSBBWs when I was younger. Frequently I'd go to Furaffinity or Deviantart.

It came about when I was young and in middle school. I was 300 LBs then. I was depressed, and felt that I didn't match with normal people. The weight did go away. The attraction to fat did not.

I have been clean for over a month now. A therapist assessed me and determined I only had fetishistic disorder. No other disorders were observed, like coprophilia or pedophilia.

I don't know if I can repair myself or forgive myself, but I am seeking counseling. If there is any hope, maybe these guilty thoughts will go away. I don't know anymore. I will say some fetish artists stopped dead and returned to normal, but others kept on going. I no longer get aroused to the art.

What should I do?

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  • Give in to your love of fat girls. I did I'm with a 23 year old hot blonde who is 275 lbs. I never came so hard in my life.

    She does anything I ask. Especially public sex. The more she is humiliated the hard she cums. I only allow her a rain coat and heels when we go out so everyone can see her body. She always naked in the house and I'm constantly masterbating or fucking her.

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    Truthfully, I am madly in love with her and want to get married. I never want to lose my fat dirty perverted bitch.

  • Whatever you want.

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