Its so good

I snuck out one night to do somethin' dirty and I didn't expect
the woman to be at home. It was at
one in the morning when I got the
feelin' I wanted to do somethin' and I walked over to a woman's
house nearby and when I got there
all the lights were off. I thought she
was sleepin' and I didn't want to
make a sound so when I stepped
to the backyard I saw the golden
retriever and I liked blonds and I
felt my dick throb as I stepped over
to it and pulled my pants down. I didn't expect the woman to wake
up. I took my pants off and
held the dog and turned it around.
I put my dick against its puss and tried to slide it in but I couldn't.
I tried for a minute and thought
maybe it's too big then I thought
what if I tried to work it in a little
and see how much of it I could get
in. I tried forcin' my dick in but it
wouldn't enter the dog. I rubbed
dick against the dogs puss for a few minutes and when I tried to
enter it it was expanded enough
for me to get my crown in. When I
inserted my crown I heard a voice
and I thought I wouldn't get caught
so I tried to work the full length of
my dick into the dog. I managed to
work it in a little with every few minutes . When I had the full length of my dick inside the dog I kept hearin' the woman's voice and I thought okay maybe she's on the phone. I heard the backdoor slowly open after almost thirty minutes and I didn't think she could see me. I was fuckin' the blond retriever slow when I heard a few steps in my direction and I didn't expect the woman to have stepped outside and be listenin'. She stepped over to me and whispered "are you gettin' it tonight?". I didn't want her to hear me but I was breathin' a little hard, she waited a minute and reached. I felt her hand touch above the base of my dick and she moved her fingers down a little and felt and said "your dicks all the way in, pull out a little and let me rub it so you can come". After a few minutes of her rubbin' above the base of my dick she slid her fingers to my balls and she started playin' with my balls for a few minutes and I could hear her whisper in my ear "come fuck it" and I didn't want to stop until I spermed inside the dog. She teased whispering in my ear "you can't fuck it with your little dick you can't come either why don't you pull it out and jack off like you always do". She stopped playin' with my balls and she kissed me and said "if me kissin' you doesn't get you comin'". I was ready to come when she said "why don't you tell me who you are and why you're fuckin' my dog". I moaned and she said "come" and she grabbed my balls and said "I have you by your balls and there's nothin' you can do". I pushed in all the way and ejaculated. She said "if you've finished comin' pull your dick out and jack off 'cause you wouldn't be fuckin' it anymore". I pulled out and she reached and felt the crown and said "you finished get out of here how would you like me to come to your house at night if I had a dick and fucked your dog?". I felt my pants touch me when she picked them up and handed them to me. I put my pants on and she said "next time I won't let you fuck get back to your house there's one more thing pervert" and she lifted her shirt and said "how would you like it if I did this" and she put her titties in my face and rubbed her titties in my face for a minute and said get back to your house". She stepped back and I felt like a pervert so I jerked my dick at her and she giggled. I turned and walked back to my house.

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