Wife called me out and i'm ok with it

I was having sex with my wife one morning. I told her that she has the best pussy ever and guys should be jealous that they can't have it. She said, "Well, one of the guys at work HAS been flirting with me." I said, "I'm sure they do flirt. You are a sexy woman." She said, "Kind of unfair that you get to keep all this amazing pussy to yourself." I said, "What are you getting at?" She said, "Well, he sometimes wears tight pants and I noticed that it looks like he's packing quite a package. I asked him the other day if he was packing. He said he may be. I told him that once he had my pussy, he'd never want another. He said to prove it. So here we are." I said, "You want to fuck him?" She said, "In the worst way. I want to fuck him in this bed with you watching and jerking off your little cock." I said, "Little?" She said, "It's ok, but it's not like Davids." I said, "How would you know how big he is?" She said, "I may have given him a blowjob a while back."

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  • Stupid. sounds like a kids table made up story

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