I have a fantasy of begin used by mystery older men

I have a really big fantasy of begin tied up, blindfolded and fucked by several older guys. But I don't want to know how many people are there, and I don't want to know who. I'm 18, will be 19 soon, and I really wanna fulfill it while I'm still in my teens but, I'm kinda ashamed of it and scared, plus I have a boyfriend and trynna stay loyal.
Idk the idea of gross, fat ugly older guys using me for their own pleasure really turns me on, I also love the idea of not knowing how big of an audience I really have, and after it while I'm walking on the street or something, not knowing which of the people I see have been inside me.

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  • You would come to my hotel room. Enter the door, which I will be behind, and I will put a blindfold on you. I will be dark but you will see that there are people in the room. You just won't know how many. Then you will be tied to the bed and cocks rubbed all over your body before we start using you.

  • That’s hot as fuck. I’m 40 and would definitely pump you by the sounds of it. I would invite around 15 friends over and we would take multiple turns fucking you

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