Watching me

I found out my boyfriends been sending my nudes to his friends AND coworkers and telling them he wishes he could watch them all take me at one time. I’ve inly ever had a 3sum so the idea of several guys is scary.
They are saying VERY interesting things about me and idk how my boyfriend likes it so much. Should I confront him? Should I be open minded to this? Being 19 is supposed to be time to experiment but I thought we had an honest relationship.

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  • How can I see them ?

  • See what?

  • The pictures of you

  • Lol how do you know you’d want them?

  • Definitely do something about it. This isn't the days of polaroid. These pictures stay forever. Then again, if it turns you on to be exposed this much then do nothing. If you are interested in the gangbang take precautions.

  • Relax my husband does it all the time. At first I was deeply hurt. Now I'm half assed turned on. They don't know that I know. It's kind of exhilarating. Let me know what you decide.

  • Unrelated comment (this one) anyone
    Could be watching anyone for almost
    any reason. True

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