Watching me

I found out my boyfriends been sending my nudes to his friends AND coworkers and telling them he wishes he could watch them all take me at one time. I’ve inly ever had a 3sum so the idea of several guys is scary.
They are saying VERY interesting things about me and idk how my boyfriend likes it so much. Should I confront him? Should I be open minded to this? Being 19 is supposed to be time to experiment but I thought we had an honest relationship.

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  • Depends how much you love him and how much you'd want to risk the relationship ending.But by all means experiment,have fun,give him what he wants as long as its safe.You might well enjoy it.I'm speaking from experience too,as it was something similar that happened in my early 20's with my boyfriend who went on to become my husband.

  • After I broke up with my bf,a friend of his hit on me by saying that I looked hot,nude.I asked how he had seen and he said my ex used to show him and the other guys.I asked how hot was I then and he said a 10.So that night I went back to his place and fucked him,lots and lots.

  • I had a friend years ago that loved having multiple men. Her husband wanted nothing to do with it so I joined her a few times with 2 other men. To me, it felt a little awkward but once we all got going it was fine. Of course, I knew I'd be getting off somewhere in her so it was pretty nice for all of us. She told me she did it because she loved the feeling of being "full" in all of her holes. We used to call that "airtight"! Anyway, that's what turned her on and once we all managed to get into her she had multiple orgasms. She'd start off by having us all strip and then we'd sit on the edge of the bed while she took turns sucking us hard. Then we'd all find a position to get into a hole and off we went, trading spots every few minutes. On two occasions, she had us take pics or she took them herself. They weren't great but one was as she climaxed and that was a nice shot. Anyway, you should try it. It'll be fun.

  • My wife years ago would not let me take nude pics of her for fear I would show them.Of course I'd take some sneak shots of her and she eventually caught me. I have to say the one she caught me taking was a very good picture. She told me to show it to her and she said "Huh" in a good way. She let me take all the pics I wanted after that as long as I didn't share them.

    Later on somehow we got into going to a nudist club nearby. She doesn't care if I trade pics now with friends as they see her nude anyway. Just no pics of us having sex. I think that will change in the future as well.

  • My husband confessed that he and our neighbour had been showing each other pictures.My husband showed him nudes of me and he showed my husband pics of all the girls he sometimes fucks.They had also sent pics to each other.I asked to see them and was surprised that alot of the pics had the neighbours dick in them,various positions,inside girls or the girls sucking him.He was quite big too.I asked my husband if he liked looking at the pics and he said yes.He then confessed that he masturbated to them but fantasized that I was the girl in the pictures taking the 9+ inch dick.I was a little shocked but kinda intrigued by my husbands kinky thoughts.I asked if he'd truly want that to happen and he said only if I did.I said I love him and would do what he wanted to make him happy.So I did it.While our neighbour fucked my brains out I took lots of videos to show hubby.His favourites were my loud orgasms and the big creampie I was given at the end.I made sure I got the whole thing,from the creamy big dick pulling out of me to the cum dripping out of my pussy lips.He was a happy boy.

  • When I was your age I lived in a house with my “boyfriend”, and his four friends, and we all fucked ALL THE TIME. I can’t even get off without AT LEAST two guys. And it was usually me with three guys. Go for it. It feels so good to get all your holes stuffed!

  • Thank you! I didn’t realize it was so common! :)

  • How can I see them ?

  • See what?

  • The pictures of you

  • Lol how do you know you’d want them?

  • Definitely do something about it. This isn't the days of polaroid. These pictures stay forever. Then again, if it turns you on to be exposed this much then do nothing. If you are interested in the gangbang take precautions.

  • Relax my husband does it all the time. At first I was deeply hurt. Now I'm half assed turned on. They don't know that I know. It's kind of exhilarating. Let me know what you decide.

  • Unrelated comment (this one) anyone
    Could be watching anyone for almost
    any reason. True

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