Why share your wife with another man.

I have asked myself that many times. After my divorce of less than a year and my wife left me because I have a bib cock and I was young and in experienced on how to use it.
I have never married again but n the last 30 years have had sex with many women.
I used to visit the whore houses when I worked in Nevada and I found a black gal Kelly that I liked and she became a regular and began to show me the ropes of pleasing a woman with my bigger than normal cock.
We talked a lot and one time she suggested that since I was kind of shy it would be better if I started to run an add.
On her days off she would come over to my place for some recreational sex that saved me some money and she would bring over swinger mags. and show me that personnel adds in the back where men and women ran there adds and she helped me put together an add about a man with a big cock that wanted safe sex with women .
In Reno it was easy with all the girls running around working in clubs showing their tits and I had almost instant results I was fucking my brains out and some of the gals I met with ad on wedding bands to.
Then one day a man answered my add asking if I would fuck his wife while he watched and I was a well built man and confident enough to feel I could defend myself if he lost control and we got together. His wife was a little overweight but she was willing so I watched him closely but he just sat there almost drooling and he jacked off watching me fuck her.
When I told Kelly about it she just laughed and said you will probably get a lot of that ere in Nevada and I did.
Many men began to approach me offering their wife to me and most of the women had been shared more than once but several women admitted that it was their very first time so I became curious about why a guy would want to watch a stranger fuck his lady.
I started asking guys and galls why they did this had I have heard many reasons from just wanting their wife to feel a big cock in her to the excitement of feeling humiliated watching his wife respond to another man in the throes of orgasm.
I have only had very few problems over the years and my shyness has been overcome now so I can sit and talk to the couple for awhile listening to them try to explain this obsession but I no longer really care I just do my best to please the wife and I have learned how to use it gently for the woman's pleasure instead of just wanting to feel the powerful release of my sperm when I cum. I am in my late fifty's now and I don't do this all the time like I used to but I still get calls some from people that have been customers of mine for long periods of time. I have dog that I walk down by the waterfront. OH now I live in the San Fran Bay Area and if anything this area is just as active in men wanting to watch their wife get fucked as it was in reno.
I haven't screwed an unmarried woman in years.


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