Hook hand

Many years ago, i found my dads vintage porn stash. I remember this one particular porno i watched, and i still fantasize about it today, an old man gets caught perving, he has a hook instead of a hand, and a redhead rubbing her beautiful pussy on his hook. Please help me find out what its called? Thanks

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  • Dont know what that is called.
    Had a redhead and her daughter who would cowgirl as they fondled my disfigured face

  • Https://www.xnxx.com/video-cd1v76f/for_more_visit_http_www.dateram.com_---_http_www.dateram.com_---

    I believe you're looking for this OP. 21 minutes and 12seconds in. You're welcome : )

  • Oh my god man!!!!! I can't thankyou enough ! Cheers dude

  • Tell you whats buggin me, a 70s or 80s movie, about a fat woman in a motel who has truckers come to her room. In one scene theres a knock at the door, shes wearing lingerie and suspenders, and she says she just has to put something on. She waits a minute then greets him at the door like that. I can't remember what its called. I'd love to know though! She was so hot

  • I can see in my head what you're talking about, the film isn't soley based around the hook guy, he just watches. They're all fucking, he corners her in a doorway, and she rubs her clit on his hook. It's going to bug me now!

  • Yes! Thats the one! Its like 70s/80s?? Someone must know!

  • Captain Hook Hooks Red Snapper

  • Captain Morgan hooks a ginger

  • Nah its not that

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