Lovely neighbor

When I was in my late puberty, that is nearly 17, a new family moved in our neighborhood on rent. Now, this family had a mom with a son and a daughter. The daughter was about 12 (yeah I know that's too small), but she was hell hot. She was fully developed sexually and has an awesome figure. I couldn't help staring at her curves whenever I met her. I thought she knew about my intentions. So one day her mother and son were out for some work, so I secretly went to her house and locked the doors. She was shocked momentarily but slowly got ok with it. After a lot of talk, I asked her to play 'cowboy and horse', for which she agreed. As I sat on her she said that I'm too heavy. So, I instead stood on my knees (you know, doggy style). Each time I wanted the horse to go faster, I would push my dick on her hot butts. Slowly, she realized what all that meant. She opened her lower and told me to slide it in. And so I did. I pushed my dick on her tight hole. It took some time to open it up fully(she was 12 man!!), but slowly we gained motion. She moaned and I went harder. We took different positions (the best one was her being on top) and I ended up cumming on her face.
Now, that was a very lovely neighbor. Now we act like it never happened.

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