Desire to be a cuck

I'm a 42 year old bisexual guy who's married to a very sexy bbw. I have a growing desire to become her cuck and watch other guys fucking her in front of me. The guy making fun of my small cock and telling me I'd never make her feel like he is. Then after hes done he makes me lick his cock clean and then eat his cum out of her pussy.

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  • My wife and I decided to do this when I was around your age. The first guy I picked, along with his wife, but she didn't want to fuck him, only sucked his dick and not to completion. She just wasn't attracted to him. The next two guys, she picked. One of them was much younger, and though he didn't identify as bisexual, he had no problem making me suck him, he even fucked me, and then tormented me as he fucked her. The other was an older, redneck horndog with a big dick, who was chosen for that reason, only. He wanted nothing to do with me, but, loved fucking her while I was forced to watch. It was fun, but, be careful, there can be problems when dealing with other personalities and egos.

  • I don't consider myself a cuck. But my wife has a couple of fuck buddies. She knows I know she fucks around. But I've never had the opportunity to watch her getting fucked by another guy. But I do know when she gets fucked because she rushes home and has me eat her cum filled pussy out. I love it, so I don't care how many men she fucks as long as I can eat the creampie out of her pussy.

  • Nothing knew at all here. I've been living this for the past 20 plus years. I made my wife sleep with other men after intense pressure. Now she won't stop fucking other men. She loves belittling me in front of her lovers making fun of my 3.5 inch tiny penis while having sex with them. Then she makes me perform oral sex on her lovers and then her eating their cum from them. I really like our life style. She even fucks other men without me being present and sometimes tells me about it. Or maybe not it depends how she feels.

  • I was a cuck. I loved it. my wife eventually left me for a real man

  • Might be a good idea to discuss the possibility of chastity with your wife being your keyholder and in total control, buddy you both will really love it.

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