Lovin it

Spent the weekend with a friend, and started giving him blowjobs. I've now sucked him off numerous times and let him cum in my mouth each time. On Friday, he was ready horny and came lots. I swallowed every delicious drop. He says I'm really good at it. I took him down my throat without gagging, let him fuck my mouth, then jerk off while I sucked the cum from his head. I love the feeling of cock in my mouth and look forward to eating lots of his hot jizz in the future.

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  • I love sucking cock of any size, shape, or form. But what I love the best is when it explodes it's cum into my mouth. I really enjoy savoring the taste before swollowing it.

  • I often think about crossdressing and sucking dick, and giving up my ass to dick. I have a bubble butt.
    I've never done either with a man, in fact never with a woman either, since I couldn't.
    A girlfriend gave me a makeover in college. She talked me into it, then laughed at me. But I looked so damned sexy and it turned me on. I could imagine myself sucking dick looking like that. I think I would be good at it.

  • I heard men give good blow jobs is this true?

  • This is very true. I've never had a woman suck my dick as good as a man could suck it. I've only known one woman who could suck as good as a tranny or crossdresser, but every shemale I know is great at sucking dicks and they all take just a few minutes to make me explode. Women almost never do. I'll take a tranny over a real woman any day.

  • I am a male and give amazing blowjobs, l am told the best they have ever had and they all come back for more, so l accept it as true.

  • I'm the original guy that posted this. I would be very interested in hearing about your adventures. All the juicy details. How you hookup, biggest load etc.

  • I never sucked dick before, but I made him cum hard every time. One morning he woke up with a huge hard on and I made him cum in like 2-3 minutes. He told me it was very good.

  • Would you like u to suck my cock

  • Hell, yes.

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