Back in 2016 I had decided to do some job training at a rehabilitation facility back in South Carolina. I was quiet and stayed to myself, I had caught the attention of one of my supervisors and the work I was putting out. As the training went along we struck up a friendship, we flirted with one another from time to time. She was older than me but my lord she had a body. One day while working I saw her at her desk just looking depressed, I decided to come over and ask was everything okay? She was upset and said this guy she really liked had stood her up again to hang with his buddies. I made the comment, who’s dumb enough to stand you up? That put a smile on her face and I said well I’m heading back to my desk now. The rest of my day went by as normal but I would notice at times when I looked up she was staring at me grinning. I’m not gonna lie but it started turning me on and she could see it. End of the day comes and I get a tap on my shoulder and to my surprise it was her. She asked me what was my plans for the evening? I said nothing really why? She said I want to thank you for trying to cheer me up earlier... so if your not busy would you like to come by? Now this was a risky situation, because you are not supposed to have any interaction with staff members who worked for the state. I took the chance and went to her house. She had a lovely house and when I came in her mother and daughter we’re leaving. I caught her mom looking at her and had this grin on her face. I got this vibe that maybe this is something that she’s done before...she had a great meal ready for us and great wine. She leans back in her chair and said I have to know something. I said what’s up? She said if something happens tonight will you say anything to anyone at work? I told her I was worried about that also, I told her absolutely not. So we had a mutual agreement and 5 mins later we both were undressed. The sex was amazing!! Her oral skills almost had me cum lol I had to switch it up and I went down on her. She tasted amazing and I had her cum hard. She got on top and rode me , seeing her bounce up and down was just amazing. She works out and it showed. I couldn’t help but not flip her over and fuck her hard. In the heat of the moment the condom broke and I pulled out. I have never heard a woman say to me don’t you dare pull out ! Don’t you dare stop fucking me! Usually I practice safe sex and keep myself clean, she told me she couldn’t get pregnant anymore and she was clean also. With that in mind I went even harder in her and she squirted all on me which I loved! Then about 10 minutes later I finally came and it left a messy cream pie lol. She then leans back and started fingering herself and tasting both of us. She then rubbed some on my lips and kissed me hard. We fucked 3 more times after that lol the next day I saw her at work and we acted like nothing happened. I had also noticed she was struggling to get up at her desk lol I purposely asked her in front of my boss hey are you okay? She smiled and said yeah I will be okay I just strained my back at the gym yesterday lol my boss said that’s a shame why don’t you take off early and ice your back. She said that was fine and gave me a grin... when no one was looking she whispered come over when you get off cause I need it again... it was a fwb but if any other coworkers flirted with me she would become possessive and give them more work than usually. The risk of it all was a turn on honestly... she would send me private notes letting me know how wet she stayed and how she couldn’t wait etc. my favorite thing was her telling me how she loved to deep throat me and loved when I held her head and fucked her mouth. We continued the fwb relationship for about 6 months then I got another job and she got transferred to a higher paying position. We ended things on a good note and we both moved on..


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  • Perfect situation! And god, having a woman tell you to cum inside her is irresistible.

  • Great Story !!!!! .A Real Hot Woman That Just Wants Sex

  • Yeah she was great! I still miss being with her and the things she had planned when we met up.

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