Neighbour's son

I'm 37 and divorced with 2 daughters Joanne (16) and Sharon (14). We live in a 3 bed terraced house. The other week one of our neighbours had to go into hospital so I offered to look after their son to help out as her hubby was visiting every night. Peter was 15, he brought a bag with some clothes in with him and I told him we'd both go upstairs and sort them out.

He didn't know but he was going to sleep in my bedroom with me, Joanne was in the middle of some big exams and she was revising every night, so to put Sharon in the same room wouldn't have been fair. So I told Pete the good news and he was ok with it. We emptied a drawer to give him some room for his clothes.

To my embarrassment there was one of my dildo's in the bottom of the drawer. It was a big green one about 10 inches long. I made a joke out of it and just laughed it off saying I'd forgotten it was there and just put it in my bedside cabinet.

Anyway, we put his clothes away and went downstairs for some tea. After tea I asked him if there was anything he wanted and he said no. I said I was going to have a bath and I asked him if he wanted the water leaving in which he did. So I went to have a soak and after about half an hour I gave him a shout to say the bath was ready. I heard him come upstairs as I was getting dried so I finished off and put on a white towel type dressing gown on.

I walked into my bedroom and got the shock of my life. He was sat on a chair and was naked apart from one sock. He had his right leg up and was taking the sock off. I was stood there with my eyes wide open staring at his penis. Between his legs was the biggest piece of man meat I'd ever seen. He was completely flaccid and must have been at least 6 inches long and at least as thick, it was literally half way down his leg.

I regained my composure and said to him "Ooh Pete, I can see your tail" He looked down at his penis then looked back at me "Oh sorry Aunty Pat I was just getting ready for my bath". " Oh don't be daft, I've seen plenty of willies before" I said and told him to go get in the bath and I'd bring him a towel in. He stood up and I watched it bounce around as he walked towards me then I watched his naked bum as he walked to the bathroom.

After about 10 minutes I took him a towel in. He was laid in the bath with the monster tucked between his legs. I said to him "Come on, we'll get you dry then go have some super before bed" and I stood there holding the towel so he let the water out and stood up. I dried his back then told him to turn round. I vigorously dried his chest and then knelt down so my face was level with his penis. I lifted one leg onto the side of the bath and dried it as his cock swung inches from my face like a pendulum. I did the other leg then I told him to dry his own bits.

After supper it was time to go to bed so we said goodnight to the girls turned everything off and went upstairs to bed. I shut the curtains and put my bedside lamp on. I laid a nightie on the bed and stood facing him as I took my dressing gown off. It was his turn to be the rabbit in the headlights as he stared at my nakedness. "What's wrong with you? Haven't you seen a woman's fanny before? " and I looked down at my big black hairy bush then told him to get undressed.

He certainly wasn't flaccid anymore, his penis had now become stiff and erect. I would guess at least 10 inches long. He began to apologise for his erection I told him not to be silly and get into bed. I didn't bother putting the nightie on and slipped into bed next to him. I pulled the covers back and said to him "I don't mind if you want to have a wank. In fact I like to watch men wanking" and I ran a finger down his belly towards his helmet pointing at me. He began to play with himself. I'm afraid he didn't last very long and was soon spurting out several heavy ropes of cum, all over his belly and chest.

I cleaned him up with some tissues a d cuddled up to him. We fell asleep and it was wonderful to have a man in my bed again.

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