Unexpected Doings

I've been divorced from my wife for a long time. My son convinced me to visit him like old times to do some father-son bonding. He and his mother lived some distance from me. I was surprise how mature he became. My ex talked me into staying with them instead of the motel room I reserved. She put on some weight and her saggy tits seemed to hang down quite more than I remembered. I married her because of her tits. She use to jerk me off and let me suck and pound her breasts until I blasted them with my cum. She didn't mind sharing her bed with me. This surprised me.
After dinner she slipped on her nightie like she use to do when we was married. I couldn't help looking at her being bra less under her nightie and seeing those tits sway. I couldn't help from having a hard on and I think she knew I had one. I told her I was tired from the long trip and headed into the bed. After a while she carefully slipped under the bed covers trying not to disturb me. I still had a stiff penis and needed to pee. I slipped out of the bed to go to the bathroom. She saw my hard dick sticking out of my underwear. I got back to the room and saw her tits hang over each side of her. Lying in bed I suddenly felt her hand on my penis. She slipped her hand in my underwear and began to tug me like she use to do. I slipped off my underwear and enjoyed what she was doing. I was so turned on that I pulled her nightie up and ran my hand over her tits and played with the nipples.
She rolled into me still jerking my dick and I removed the nightie. She straddled my dick guiding it into that hairy snatch that she always had and swung her tits across my face. Then she lowered herself down and wrapped her tits around my dick and masturbated me with her tits causing me to shoot my cum on her chin and between her breasts. She smiled and took my underwear and wiped off my cum load.
The following morning I began running my hand over the belly that she has and slid it down and over her very hairy snatch. I started to finger her cunt and play with the clit she had. She lifted her tits and sucked the stretched nipples on the end of them. To my surprise she gave out a small squirt all over my hand.
That weekend we showered together and she let me cum blast her when our son stepped out. My ex seems hornier now than when we was married.

13 days ago

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