How I got over my acne

I used to do yard work for this neighborhood lady. She was a very attractive and cultured woman.
After I finish the jobs she had me do, we'd sit on her back porch drink iced tea and have a conversation. She talked about everything impressed a 14 year old boy like me.
One day after work we're talking and she asked me if I had a girlfriend or dated. I told her that I didn't have time for girls but the truth was that I had acne bad and was teased and embarrassed about it.
So she says creams and washes I could get, then she chuckles and said sex was the best thing to clear up your face, but I can see where that's a problem.
So a couple of weekend later she has this big project and she had a son of some of relation to help out. He was a really good looking guy about 18. Call him Adam
He was fun to work with and the job that we did got us sweaty and muddy. We are done and she has the pitcher of tea on the porch, she said boys this will never do, now shuck off those clothes and get in the shower. I was hesitant but Adam just strips down in front of her and looks at and say come on. I thought he did it why not, she playfully slapped me on the butt as I was going thru the door.
She gathered up our clothes she said she was going to wash them.
We're standing there naked, while she puts our clothes in the washer, I had to admire Adam as I'm sporting a pointy boner and he has a big but flaccid dick.
She takes us upstairs bathroom and adjusts the shower for us and while it wasn't a small shower she tells us to both get in as it won't waste water. She says Adam make sure you get him clean.
He soaped up my back and kind spread my legs and washed the crack of my ass his fingers lingered on my asshole. Then he spun me around and washed the front. He was soaping up my dick and balls and says boy, you got a big dick. I said not as big as yours. He asked me to soap his up, as I started to he got hard, and started jacking me off vigorously. I shot my load all over his belly and he just smiled and hugged tilted my head back as he was a head taller than me and kissed me.
That shocked me because I liked it.
Then he spun me around, got my ass all soapy, spread my cheeks and explored my asshole with his fingers first and with his other hand playing with my cock and balls. Then he said I'm going to be gentle, pushing his cock into me. Every time I wiggled or moaned he'd hesitate before he resumed his attack on my butt. By the time he got it all in me, I was hard again.
Now looking back at it, it certainly wasn't his first time. He was a pro because I was naturally reacting to his thrusts and after the initial hurt went away it was enjoyable.
He no sooner shot his load in me than she came in the bathroom and I'll never forget what her saying are you boys done playing.
She had a pair of boxers for him to put on and she too me in her room and said let's see, your clothes aren't done yet, so here put this on and she gave me a nightie that barely covered my dick.
Then we went out on her back porch and had tea and while Adam didn't say much she wanted to know if I'd enjoyed myself. What's really funny is that I was beginning to think this was normal. So she say Adam take him upstairs so you can rest while the clothes dry.
We didn't rest much, he wanted his dick sucked, so he took off the boxers, but kept me in the nightie. He shot in my mouth, wasn't much of a choice as he was holding my head so I gagged it down. We laid there and just sort of explored each other. He did say how he like the feel of the fabric on my skin.
He liked kissing me, then he rolled me on my belly and was going to enter me again, she must have been near the doorway and Adam wait, and she comes over to the bed and I feel this cool wet feeling on my butt and rubs this lube in inserting her finger a little in my hole so she says that will make it feel better.
I'm telling this now after a lot of experience, so I not exaggerating when I tell you that he made love to me gently and tenderly.
He lay on top of me after his cum thrusts.
He goes to the bathroom, and she comes in and sits by me on the bed and asks if I'd enjoyed myself. I had to remember that this was our secret, yeah now who was I gonna tell, I wasn't gay but it felt good.
For the rest of the summer this was my routine. They or should I say she had me do some really kinky stuff. She had me come in the morning and started to get me ready for the afternoon playtime
I had over shoulder length hair which she styled for me, my acne had started to clear up, and she put makeup on me.
She was picking out panties for me to wear but didn't like the way my pubic hair looked so she took me in the bathroom and shaved all my body hair off.
Then had me wear stocking and garter belt, a bikini panties and a sundress. We were sitting at the porch when Adam showed up. He didn't even touch his drink, picked me up in his arms, carried to the bedroom and spent the afternoon fucking and sucking.
That was one crazy summer. I never had another gay experience after that.

Mar 22

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