Friend got angry

A couple of my good friends are Mike and Laura. We grew up in the same neighborhood, have attended the same schools, etc. We usually get together and play games, go skateboarding and stuff. We also sometimes fool around together sexually with Laura, though she's not really a girlfriend type. We think of her more like a sister.

We were at Mike's house, his parents weren't around, and we were smoking weed when Laura said she was "down to fuck." We stripped down and got right to it. Mike wanted to fuck Laura first, and I didn't mind. I stood behind him and stroked my dick while he fucked her, waiting for my turn.

I always thought of myself as straight, but looking at Mike's muscular ass from behind was amazing. So was watching his balls slap against her. I don't fucking know what happened, maybe it was from being stoned, but I couldn't handle it anymore. I walked up to Mike and slipped my cock into his ass.

All hell broke loose. Mike punched me, called me a faggot, and said he'd kill me if I ever did anything like that again. Laura got him to chill out, and I apologized--I just said his ass looked fine from behind and I couldn't help it.

We resumed our session, both of us fucked Laura, sprayed loads onto her cervix, and things were okay, but man, I really wanted to fuck Mike. I still do. I think I'm bi forever now.

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