My mom bff

When I was 18 my parents took a 2 week vacation. Normally they would leave me home alone at my age, but they felt it would be better for me to stay with my mom's friend. She was about the same age as my mom but a subtle good looking woman. I liked her a lot and used to sneak into her bedroom on occasional visits and masturbate in her panties that were in her lingerie drawer. She had nice tits and good shaped legs. The week started off normally nice, but after a few days her sitting on the couch at night watching TV and chatting with me, I noticed she was always shifting around and her legs would part and give me a good view up her dress or bathrobe. I was getting horny watching this so I decided to change the game. The next night I wore my pajamas and no top. no underwear and just my naked self underneath. My cock is only about 6 inches uncut and soft but close to 10 when hard. that night I sat there and let my natural thoughts go. When she was talking and her legs opened, I got a roaring hard on and didn't hide it. She took notice pretty quickly. At first it was short glances and I noticed her eyes glaze over and I knew she liked it. I stood up and stretched and sad I was going to bed. I wasn't in bed a half hour and she walked into the bedroom, had on nothing but her sheer nightie. I just stared at her in lust. She told me to move over and things went from there. I think we screwed all night and I must have cum a half dozen times. The rest pf the 2 weeks we started the day with eating each other or her taking care of my morning woody. Never said anything to my mother that I know of. We then met at her place for years even after my first marriage.

4 months ago


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    • PS, my mom tits were 38d and Pegs tits were 36C. Loved fondling them and sucking nipples till they were the size of bullets.

    • I know what you guys are saying. I fucked my moms best friend Peg for about 20 plus years on and off. When my mom divorced my dad after 35 years. she and Peg got a home together to save cost and they decided no guys to marry at 50 some years old. I visited them on my move after my divorce of 16 years married. My mom and I had sex for a number of years in addition to Peg. The first night they sort of confessed they did what they did out of spite of my Dad and their lust for making sex with a sissy boy they developed on their own.

    • Really nice, just love your friend, even though I am 18 I also stay with my mom's friend when they are away been doing it for 3 years and we fuck like rabbits when I am there, she loves making me look like a girl and locking me in a cock cage plus pounding me with a strapon, just great

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