Just a little persuasion

My Mom has been feeling down since she caught her boyfriend cheating, and ended their relationship. She spends most evenings in her room watching TV. I hate to see her like this. One night her room was quiet, which was odd. I opened the door to her bedroom and looked in. There was my Mom lying on top of her bed. She was wearing a semi-sheer nightie and she looked like she was sound asleep. I stepped closer to the bed to check on her. If my Mom is overweight you can't tell, it is spread out in all the right places. She definitely has big breasts and with only the hall light shining in, I could easily make out the dark circles of her areolas. I was hornier than ever lately and I wanted to reach down and touch them.

I must have made some noise. My mother came out of her slumber and she looked up at me.

"What are you doing here Wayne?"

I told her I was just making sure she was alright.

"You seem to be upset all the time Mom," I told her.

She said she was sorry. She couldn't get over splitting up with her boyfriend. I sat down on the edge of the bed. I was looking over my mother's body. I know she may have noticed, but I didn't care. I placed a hand on one of her thighs and started running it up and down.


"You have me Mom if you ever need me," I told her.

I pushed my hand up closer to her sacred opening.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she said to me.

It was like I didn't hear a thing though. I finally moved my hand up to her slit. My Mom let out this gasp. I had to see her naked now, that was all there was to it. I used both hands and I tugged on her panties and pulled them free. She has a nice dark shaved triangle. My mother got this look on her face. I think she was shocked and yet she was excited as well. With her panties off, I got up on the bed and I climbed over my Mom. I started squeezing her fleshy breasts. My Mom let out these gasps before finally telling me to stop.

"This is so wrong Wayne!"

She said it, but she didn't seem to mean it. Mom was breathing hard now. I was able to remove her nightie and her tits came free. I was feeling my cock stirring inside my briefs before my head and shaft started poking out. I stood up and stripped them off. My dick was standing straight out from my body. Mom had her eyes glued to my prick. She finally reached out and took me in one of her hands. She slowly stroked me up and down. That felt so fucking good. A few minutes of that and I had to have my Mom. There were no more discussions.

I parted her legs and I climbed in between. Mom's eyes got bigger. I took hold of my cock and I rubbed it across her wet folds. Her pussy lips were all fleshy and it looked like Mom needed cock. I slowly pushed into my mother. Mom let out this gasp. I pushed in the whole way and then held my cock in place. Mom was using her muscles to grip me hard.

Please Wayne, I need this."

There was no more pleading with me to stop or telling me this was wrong. I plunged my rod all the way inside my Mom's pussy. I raised her legs and pushed them towards her chest. I just went nuts. I was thrusting into my mom's pussy like a crazy man.

"Oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" My Mom kept saying that over and over.

I drove my fat cock all the way in and I held it there. I could swear that Mom was having one orgasm after another as I repeated this. Her body was shaking. I took my Mom like that for some minutes. I eventually pulled out. I made my Mom get on her tummy. She had a pillow under her face. I lifted her ass up and I took her pussy from behind. You could hear the wet flesh hitting and smacking as I pounded my Mom's wet hole. There was no doubt in my mind that Mom wanted my cock badly.

We must have fucked for 30 minutes before I was also getting close. I should have asked my mother if I needed to pull out or not. I just couldn't make myself do that. I rammed my mother's pussy until I felt my cum rising up to the tip of my dick. I grunted a few times and then released my load.

Mom's body jerked when she felt me explode inside her. My Mom screamed as she felt me filling her body with my cream. She didn't tell me to pull out. Instead, she gripped my cock like her pussy was some vise. All that clenching made me shoot even more cum into her. We had to have continued that for five minutes or more. I stayed inside my Mom's pussy until we managed to calm down some. My dick got soft and I finally pulled out.

Mom flipped over onto her back. She pulled me down on top of her. I found each of her nipples and I sucked on them with my mouth. I think that gave my Mom a few more orgasms.

"I haven't felt anything like that in years," my Mom told me.

I took that to mean we would be have more sex in the future. I wasn't wrong. Almost every night I would take my Mom's pussy. I was horny enough to go five times a day if given the chance. Mom would mount me with her sexy body and then slide down onto my pole. I would watch her big tits slapping up and down onto her chest for awhile before taking them in my hands. I would hold them and squeeze them. Mom really got off on that. I would pinch her nipples and suck them as she lowered them to my mouth.

Mom said I was much longer and thicker than all the other dicks she'd had before. To be honest, I liked hearing that I was the best in the cock department. I would meet my mother's thrusts with my own. I lifted my hips and ass up and drove my cock all the way into my Mom. My Mom was vocal in bed. She would beg me to fuck her as hard as was possible. The best part was always when I shot my load into my Mom's pussy. She always got louder and came again as I was coming. Mom was on the pill and it was okay to give her loads of cum.

Everything has worked out in our sex lives. Before we started having sex, I was thinking about moving out on my own. There is no need to go anywhere now. I have a needy lover in my Mom who desires my cum every night and more on the weekends.

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  • You can save your bullshit comments. Nobody reads them anyway.

  • Sick fuck you guys and your moms. That means you can't get a girl mamas boy

  • Nice fantasy story, good effort

  • Such a nice arrangement, your mother must be a very special person, if you could convince her to have her labia's pierced twice in both you could padlock them so you were the only one fucking her and she would be subservient

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