Caught cheating

We’re good friends with our neighbors. Have been for years. My wife has stayed home with our kids but just went back to work. I work from home and travel.
My buddies wife comes down one day. Middle of the afternoon. Rings the doorbell. I say hey come in what’s up. She makes up some bullshit about being curious about my job. What do I do all day?
I tell her a bit about work and she says “is that all you do when you’re down her all by yourself?
I don’t really like this chick. We’re both 45 but she’s really just a stupid bitch. But now I see what’s up and my dick is doing the thinking. She has a nice body. Big titties. Saggy from 5 kids but not fat.
I just said “ It’s a better question what you do all day. And what I really mean by that is what kind of porn do you watch?
She smiles and just says oh, I like all of it? And You? “
Ok. She’s got some game.
I don’t really like it, but I said “ oh I live big titties” while I’m staring at hers.
We’re in my study now and she sits on the couch. I sit beside her and there’s awkward silence-
I just put my hand on her knee and said “we gonna do this or what”
I lean over and kiss her. She’s immediately pulling my shorts off and grabbing my cock. Pushing her yoga pants and panties down. I get off and help with those. They’re tight as shit and I can’t get em easy. We went from sitting on the couch to fucking in 30 seconds. No foreplay. No pussy eating or cocksucking. We still have our shirts on. Her pussy was already good and wet.
Now I’m going to break this down to milliseconds....
The next thing I know I hear the garage door shut.
My study is RIGHT beside the door. 3 steps away.
My wife is around the corner looking at my bare ass on top of her best friend befor I can even move.
I look around.
White as a ghost.
Erection gone.
Rolling off and trying to find shorts.
I look down and there’s blood in my cock.
That bitch is on her period.
Where’s my wife?
She left the room.
Now she’s back
And screaming
SShes made at me. I follow her out into the kitchen and our bedroom.
Her friend just leaves without a word.

Divorce was only 4 months away. She made it happen fast. The neighbors are still together. I don’t think my buddy knows what happened.

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  • Hot lol

  • Hahahahahahaha. Dumbass!!! Don't cheat at home!

  • Or don't cheat at all!

  • Yes exactly,if you're never caught,you're not cheating.

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