My ex and her hubby invite me to dinner.

A few years back, My ex GF and her new hubby invited me over to have dinner. I didn't think too much of it as we always stayed friends. Dinner was great, drinks were great, and she was as hot as ever. I can't believe that I let her go.
What I didn't realize going in was the plan that I was supposed to be the dessert. Hubby has to run out for a few minutes so Ex GF moved close and started kissing me, full tongue and all. I ran my hand up her leg and discovered that there were no panties under that sexy dress.
Not sure where to go with this, I was wondering is this was a Hubby sanctioned activity. I didn't want to mess up our friendship. She undid my pants and started right in playing, stroking and kissing. It was awesome, but I was still nervous.
I nearly died when Hubby comes back in, looked at us and said "I get seconds.".. Well, that took care of that, and we had a fun time for most of the night. As things went on we got more and more bold. After a few months, he was encouraging me to bareback it and just let loose inside her. I don't care who you are. In the heat of the moment you are going to go for it. A year or two later, he had a vasectomy, but he still wanted me to inseminate her.
Baby number four might have been a surprise, but we're pretty sure where she came from. It's good that we can all live with it and even joke about it. My daughter with her is now an incredible young woman. I only wish that we could have one or two more together.

3 months ago

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    • My wife (Stacy) and her ex (Bob) stayed pen pals. This was the 70's. They were both lifeguards at a resort beach town. Then went back to different schools and the following summer had LG jobs 100 miles apart. They stayed occasional fuck buddies. She said I can thank Bob for keeping her Fuck Club membership to 4, Bob, me and 2 guys from school. We're married 6 months and she gets off the phone doing cartwheels "Oh boy, Bob will be in town, I said he can stay here for 2 days." The first night when great, was like Bob was an old girlfriend. I'm thinking I can't believe these 2 had wild sex ever. But the 2nd night after a couple drinks we fucked Stacy every which way. I figured WFT, she's my wife, I'm not going to just watch Bob have his way with her. It's the only time she's ever been unfaithful. And she says because I was fucking her too, she wasn't being unfaithful. In a 3 way, no one is unfaithful. And if I was, you were too.
      About 10 years later she tells me that wasn't her first rodeo. The 2 guys from college spit roasted and gang banged her a lot.

    • Sounds hot, when we were younger I shared my hot wife with lots of guys, both friends & strangers. The only thing she liked better than having a cock in her mouth & pussy at the same time was having one in her mouth, pussy, and ass all at once. It turned me on sharing her with other guys. And one of the perks was her wanting to be fair and having FFM threesomes where my bi-wife and I would share an always " Hot " girl. My wife at the time was 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 with long red hair & matching bush, and very beautiful. So she could attract some of the hottest bi girls you could imagine.

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