Hottest time ever

My wife and I used to play cards on the weekends with another couple. I say used to because jobs have changed and we can't manage to get together anymore. Well, I knew the other wife (Danielle) about 5 years longer than I've known my wife. I've always had a crush on her but when I could have dated her, I was dating her friend. Now she is married.

So we would get together on the weekends and drink and play cards. My wife gets super horny very often. More so when she drinks but still. She has cheated on me a few times but it honestly doesn't bother me. I have cheated on her but she just doesn't know it. I'll discuss both halves of the cheating.

We were playing cards about 7 months ago. We would go to their house to play. Everyone has their alcohol of choice. Often Danielle and her husband David would be in sleeping clothes. Danielle would wear silk pajama pants and a tank top. I'm a sucker for big tits and a round ass and Danielle has both. David would wear boxers and a tshirt.

This one night, we had finished a hand and David went to refresh his drink. He stood up and stretched. His cock was hanging out of the fly of his boxers. Very nice size. He was probably 6-7 inches limp and fairly thick. My wife, Stacy, noticed it right away. She said, "Damn danny, your husband has a nice cock. I would totally suck it if you guys weren't married or my best friend." Danielle said, "Hell, suck it. I don't give a fuck. Least I wouldn't have to."

Danielle said, "Anyway. I'm gonna go smoke. You wanna come with me?" She was talking to me. Stacy and David neither of which smoked. I said, "Yeah I could use a cigarette." We got up and went onto the porch. It was a very nice night. Warm but not hot. We had enough to drink that both of us had lost some inhibitions. I said, "Why didn't we ever get together?" She said, "You dated Jan. I would have totally said yes if you had asked me out though." I said, "Well had I known that, I would have. As it is, it's hard for me to look at you and not be attracted." She said, "You got the hots for me?" I said, "Always have. You are funny, very nice and you are smoking hot." She said, "I'm hot huh? What do you like about me?" I said, "Those big breasts of yours in that tank top. You have a damn near perfect ass."

She leaned with her forearms against the rail. She pulled her pajamas down off her ass. She said, "You like this ass?" I just marveled at her ass. I said, "Yep. Simply amazing." She kept them down off her ass and turned around. She pulled off her tank top and said, "And these breasts?" I said, "Now you are teasing me. I'm over here hard as a rock now." She walked up to me and felt my hard cock through my shorts. She said, "Yep. You are hard. Nice cock too. Thick and perfect size. I bet you would feel good inside me." I said, "See. That's the teasing I'm talking about."

She turned around and pressed her ass to my cock through my shorts. She bent over so her pussy was rubbing my cock. I had on basketball shorts with no underwear. Her pussy was soaking wet and left a wet stain where my cock was. She said, "You wanna fuck me?" I said, "God do I ever." She said, "So fuck me." I said, "Right here?" She said, "Yep. Right here. Right now. Nobody will see. Not this time of night."

Horny took over. I pulled my shorts down. I grabbed her ass and pushed my cock into her pussy. She moaned out, "Oh god yeah. That feels good baby." I said back, "Damn you feel good." She said, "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I walked in on you and Jan fucking way back in the day." I didn't last long and neither did she. She was strumming her pussy with her fingers as I held her ass with both hands and fucked her. She moaned out loud and came hard. I was close. I told her I was about to cum. She said, "Cum in my pussy baby." I said, "You sure?" She said, "Yea baby. Cum inside me." I blew my load into her pussy.

Afterwards she fingered her pussy and licked my cum from her fingers. She said, "Mmm. That was a good load. Gonna definitely have to get you to do that again." I said, "We'd better go back in." She put her clothes back on and we walked back in.

We walked past the living room into the kitchen. We walked into the kitchen to see David and Stacy both totally naked. He was sitting in his chair and Stacy was sitting in his lap. He was fucking the shit out of her. They both turned to see us and were both like "Oh shit. Honey. We uh. Wow. Um..." Danielle said, "Go ahead and finish. We don't mind. I'll just take Jon with me upstairs to lick my pussy."

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