Living with a Hot Wife

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. It's been a great 15 years. We met online. She wasn't specifically looking for the person she was going to marry but if she found him that would be cool. She was divorced. Her husband wasn't really into sex all that often and she was (and still is). He only wanted sex once a week at most. She wants sex several times a week. She flat out told him that either he could start fucking her more, or she would find a friend to fuck her. He wasn't ok with that so they split up.

I had never been married but I had lived with my girlfriend for about 8 years. She took a job in a different state and I wasn't willing to give up my career to move.

So, we met online. I messaged her and she was one of 3-4 ppl to respond. out of all 4 ppl that responded, I actually texted one other girl. We went out on a date, slept together that night and everything seemed cool. But then stacy responded to my first message on the dating app. We went through all the normal questions to introduce yourself. Then she started asking questions a woman normally doesn't ask the man. She said, "How often do you want sex?" I said, "How often ideally? or how often in the past?" She said, "Since you asked like that, both. First, how often in the past?"

I said, "With my last gf, we had sex nearly every day for about the first 2 years. Then jobs got in the way. Well, i was still horny, but she started saying she's too tired or she had to be up early." Eventually it was down to once every other week." She said, "So, how often ideally and be honest." I said, "Like 3-4 times a week." She said, "I can deal with that." I said, "Too often? You did say to be honest." She said, "Not too often. I love sex and I would like to cum pretty much every day. I do masturbate, but its not the same."

Since she asked the first sex question, I asked the next. I said, "When was the last time you had sex?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Yeah. Don't be embarrassed." She said, "Oh i'm not embarrassed. Just want to make sure you can handle the answer." I said, "I can handle it." I thought she was gonna say something around the notion of months or possibly years. She made it seem like it. She said, "Last night about 2am." I said, "Oh wow. Do you have a bf or something?" She said, "Nope. No bf. A fuck buddy." I said, "I've never met a girl that had a fuck buddy." She said, "I told you I love sex." I said, "You guys been doing it a while?" She said, "Off and on for 3-4 years now." I said, "That how long you've been divorced?" She said, "No. Been divorced for a year now. That's why I said off and on. When I was still married, we had to be sneaky about it. Husband was a prude when it came to stuff like that. When we got divorced, Mark and I started having sex a lot more."

I said, "Well, assuming we go on a date and like being around each other, will there be any room for me? Seems like you have your hands full." She said, "Well, if we start dating and like one another, i'm not going to keep fucking mark every day." She paused. She continued, "I do plan to keep fucking him, just not every day." I didn't say anything right away. She said, "And this is the point when ppl hang up on me. I said, "I'm not going to hang up. I actually kind of like the fact that you are honest about what you intend to do." She said, "So if we start dating and are serious, you won't mind that i'll have another man in my bed occasionally?" I said, "So long as you don't tell me no because of him, I don't have a problem." She said, "Very cool. Ok now its my turn. When was the last time you had sex?" I said, "Like 5 days ago." She said, "How far away is she?" I said, "It's not a she and he lives about a half mile down the road." She said, "Woah. Wait. You are sleeping with a guy?" I said, "Yep. It's half the reason me and my gf broke up. At first she was ok with me being bisexual and even wanted to watch me have sex with him or have a mmf threesome but eventually she got jealous when she saw me enjoy it." She said, "Are you a giver or a taker?" I said, "Anal? I'm a taker." She said, "Really? That's hot." I said, "For real?" She said, "Absolutely. I love a man that can admit they love eating and fucking a pussy and also craves a cock in their ass." I said, "You ever do anal?" She said, "Oh yes. Didn't like it at first but once you do it enough times you start to like it."

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