Neighbors daughter

I’m a 48 year old married Italian/Hispanic male who is very well in shape. I work out 5 times a week and almost competed in bodybuilding but decided against it.
Believe it or not my sex life with my wife was not going the way I wished it would have. My neighbors across the street are a very attractive couple. Many times I have caught myself checking out his cute petite wife Dana. But never did I ever expect to be in a situation lie I was with her daughter .Her daughter who came back home for summer after attending College was home until the end of summer. Her name is Stacy a petite blonde with a nice perfect round ass who really resembles the actress
Dove Cameron. Shes has always gotten comments about her resemblance to Dove. Her parents were protective until she reached College. One night we had invited her parents over to pool for a dip in the pool and drinks.
Her and her mom had no problem walking around in their tiny bikinis.Between the two I couldn’t keep my eyes off of both look on fire.
. Ever since Stacy was in HS I sorta knew she had the hots for me but right away I decided against trying anything at least till she had a taste of college or older.I would always catch her looking at me like she was intrigued or something . This night at the pool after all the drinks her parents decided to call it the night along with my wife which left me alone with Stacy and her friend Amanda.
After a short time later Amanda decided to head home. With me and Stacy alone she opened up about her college experience and other things. Things started getting juicey and some talk about her and her friends, dating issues etc. I was about ready to call it a night when when Stacy got up and purposely asked me what I thought about her breast size. I told her I didn’t think her boyfriend would mind me commenting. After trying to blow it off I just came out and told her how I really thought her ass was amazing to look at. She loved hearing that from me. She came closer to me to show me her tan lines which I thought was hot. Next came her top where I just came out and asked her if she really wanted me to comment on her tits. She was more than willing to show me her tan lines then she grabbed my hand and basically guided me to rub her milky white tits. I told her tits felt so tight and firm and her size was perfect . Perfect mouth size and she smiled and told me it was time for me to show her something. I sorta froze, As then thought about it as we sat on the tecliining chairs.
I thought why not give her a small glance. By this time I started to develop a small erection. After looking around I pulled out my cock and she continued to stare at it. I didn’t know what she was thinking so I pulled it back in. I noticed her facial expression and saw how her eyes would not look at me but we’re still fixed on my crotch. After putting it back in my shorts she said she finally commented on it stating it was a very nice size and bigger than her boyfriend.She really like the contrast and said my wife must be totally happy. By then I could not help but want to ask her to touch it like I touched her breast. Without word She got up out of her chair and started to kiss me. It was so hot and passionately. I was shocked but then Shortly after that her hand went searching for my cock. I didn’t stop her as much as I should have. After she continued to rub her hand on my chest and hard cock I let her proceed with pulling out my cock and then watched her kiss the head and let her suck it. I couldn’t resist any longer. I just kept thinking about her tight bubble ass. How wet and tight her young pussy must be.She had been the only other person other than my wife to suck me off and she was sucking me off as though she had been waiting forever. I was trying to look around just in case someone walked out.
Listening to her moans as she sucked me signified she was enjoying it and I had no plans to make her stop anymore.As she pulled out my cock she made the statement that she loved sucking my thick brown cock.She also whispered a few comments on how thicker and bigger it was than her boyfriend. I told her she could have it anytime she wanted and as she was sucking it she made me promise. As hard as it was to talk I told her yes anytime. I had no idea things would go any further when she had me get up and she laid a towel on the ground.I really didn’t know she was going to allow me to fuck her but at this point I couldn’t wait. After she laid down and had me get on top she couldn’t hold back and started deep kissing me. It was so awesome to feel her small tongue whipping and slashing my tongue to hers. After a few minutes of this she kept trying to reach my cock. This was when I told her I didn’t have any protection with me. She right away stated I want to your cock in me I don’t care.It wasn’t long before I was reaching for my cock to guide it in her. I had no plans to slow fuck her at all. I had nothing on my mind but getting my cock inside of her and seeing how tight she was.The thought of all the other neighbors who made comments on how hot she had become along with mine and her conversation on how many college guys wanted inside her panties., including well fit black athletes who tried their hardest to get her to make out with them turned me on so much.I wanted it to be right so I whispered to her we that we should move to a more secure place so we moved to the shower room once we were in there she started kissing me again then went straight to sucking my cock. This time I was ready to put my cock in her and just start fucking her brains out. I tried at first but it appeared like the head of my cock was just as a little too big. After trying over and over I finally felt the head go in a few inches and it felt oh.... soo super tight. After working it in and out a few strokes I finally got in and it felt like the world being inside of her. Her pussy felt so tight and so much better than I ever remember my wife being. After about 5 minutes of me thrusting in and out of her she told me she was about to cum. Hearing that I felt like I had won her over.As I continued to ride her she kept commenting on how good my cock felt in her and much better I fucked her compated to her boyfriend. I knew I had to make it good to her if I had any chance of this happening again. It wasn’t long after before I could no longer hold back the felt the urge to cum inside of her.
After we finished and got dressed she started telling me how good it felt to cum and how my cock was and if this was going to be our last time or could we continue. We’ll things never got any better sexually between my wife and myself. We continued to sneak off and fuck the entire summer. Sometimes me getting a blowjob, me fucking her doggie or someimes fucking for long periods in my garage. It was sad for her to tell me she was heading back for College. This summer 2018 is approaching and from our little talks things are still looking good. Oh and by the way her mom has been flirting with me a lot too.
Don’t think I’ll push this one


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  • Please let me know how it goes with her mom. It would be awesome if you could fuck both of them (just don't let them know)

  • Too long. I lost interest

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