Too hot

Let me tell you how hot my friend Jenny is. The first weekend on campus last fall, Jenny, Donya and I all went to a frat party. We were all 18. Donya and I are pretty fucking hot, but Jenny makes boys go crazy.
We all wanted to fuck somebody, and we weren't very subtle about letting the guys we were dancing with know it. (Turned out there were only three guys there who didn't have cockblocking dates.)
So each of us had a guy, right? Wrong. Jenny started up the stairs with one guy to his room, but gave each of the other two a come-fuck-me smile. They forgot all about us and almost ran to follow her. We were left with nothing to do but get drunk for the next hour as all three of them fucked Jenny as much as they could until she said something like, "I have to find my friends," got up, got dressed and left. She was smiling at us innocently as we left together, but we got a blow-by-blow story later.

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