Never taught how to be women we had to learn the hard way

I'm older now so I have learned to appreciate things. But growing up, that was different. My mother had a big problem with being a woman. She overcompensated and was very aggressive, particularly with men. She raised my sister and me to be competitive and not let men beat us. She raised our brothers to be pussy whipped men. But when you are 20, you don't really know, except that men didn't have time for us. Not my sister and certainly not me.

College was an experience like nothing we had ever experienced. We made good grades and we were in the good graces of the professors. Men who pushed us ahead. My sister, a year younger, but in the same class with me, ran into a man who was pursuing his second doctorate. A big man, we are small women. He took her into his lair and when she came out she wasn't herself anymore. Only later did I learn that in addition to taking her as a woman, he took her up he butt because she wouldn't submit to him. She was about to learn submission, something neither one of had been exposed to.

When she pushed back, when she questioned his authority, she got butt fucked the old fashioned way, no lube, across the back of a table or chair. Fucked like a whore. It took her months to submit, to learn her place. Until she was standing beside him serving him and ironing his underwear. My father had told us that one day we would run into a man who was going to break us, and now it had happened to my sister. All I knew is that 'he' was out there waiting for me, and I was scared. Petrified. I was petrified of my sister's boyfriend.

It happened two weeks before graduation, one week before my parents were to show up. It was an innocent miscalculation on my part. He asked me to serve him and I told him to serve himself. My wrist bent behind me I was marched upstairs, thrown on a bed and he took the belt out of his pants. I bent my head down, waiting for him to whip me. He dragged me across the bed with one hand and grabbed the waist of my pants and told me I was going to learn how to be a woman.

I was beyond embarrassed when he stripped me naked and looked at me on the bed. He slapped my hands away from covering my breasts. Forced my legs open so he could make sure I was a girl down there. He undressed and stood at the foot of the bed with an erection. I covered my eyes with my arms and waited. Becoming a woman was now going to happen. When he lifted himself off of me, I knew that I shouldn't behave like my sister, I was scared of the belt, I admit it. I did what I was told and didn't complain.

My parents didn't recognize either one of us, so compliant and respectful of the men we presented. It was obvious to our mother that we had been broken and we had submitted. My father laughed, he had told us so. One day a man was going to take us and make us his woman. Now it had happened. He laughed his head off and told us to be good little girls, now that men owned us.

None of the education we had received in school helped us. We had to learn to cook, and clean the apartment. To do the laundry for a man and iron their shirts. Side by side these men made women out of us. Even if that isn't what we ever thought we would be. One day my sister and I talked about how they had sex with us, what we liked and we bragged about our man. He could fuck better than her man could. He knew how to fuck and make me his woman.

Our men were older when we met them, we have served them for forty years. We bore their children and kept their house and cooked for them. They are seventy now and hard old men who can't have sex like they used to. I suck my man's penis, I know he likes it. A woman's place is at his feet looking up at him. My sister has a big problem with that, but if she sucked his penis he would treat her better.

One other thing. We both had daughters and we both had sons. We raised our daughters to be women, and our sons to be men. A woman can have her opinion, but she should pick the right time to voice it. Challenging men is more likely to get you punished. But at the center of it, a woman's place demands that she raise his children, and his daughters to become wives and mothers, and his sons to be become men. It is so difficult to see our pussy whipped brothers, our mother never taught them how to keep their women in their place and now look at them. Their wives are more men than they are.

Jul 9
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    • Your mother is a toxic person and did all of you a great disservice. Deep down women want to be submissive. It’s in their dna. It doesn’t have to be to this degree, but you were so poorly raised it took more for you. You’re fortunate to have found men willing to even bother with you. I wouldn’t have. How’d your brothers turn out? I suspect not good

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