I liked the pervert watching me

I never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I am. As a young girl I always wore the shortest shorts and skirts but thought it was just because I liked them. At High School all the girls wore their skirts and tunics short, but mine were the shortest. Still I thought nothing of it.

I’m sixteen and live in Sydney where there is a nude beach near my house. Last summer I started going there after school. I told myself it was so I wouldn’t get tan lines, but what happened since has made me wonder. The first time I went I was a bit nervous. The “beach goers” were mostly middle aged or old men and the few women were over 40, I was the youngest and definitely the only schoolgirl!

After a few visits I started to relax, even enjoy the men having a look. I don’t have much pubic hair, but I even started waxing leaving just a thin landing strip. More, I would leave my towel and bag as far from the water as possible. That way I had a long, naked, walk back to my towel after a swim. I could tell the men were perving, even though their not meant to, and it actually turned me on.

I started wondering if there was something wrong me? I’d only had sex once, with a guy I met at a party, and that was just so I want a virgin. Lots of guys would hit on me, I just wasn’t that interested. Yet here I was getting horny showing my tits and bald pussy to old men.

What happened after a few weeks really troubled me. Still does and I’m not sure I should let it happen again, even though I want it too.

My routine was to go to the beach on my way home from school. I’d walk down the path to the beach then, when no one was insight, duck into the bushes to get changed into my bikini. I knew people could see I was young but I didn’t want them to know I was a schoolgirl! Then when I got to the beach I would strip off my bikini.

One afternoon while getting changed I noticed someone hiding in the bushes. It gave me a shock so I quickly put my clothes back on and almost ran home. Later I thought “what’s the difference, checking me out on the beach or in the bushes?”

The next day I followed my routine and was half hoping the guy would be there, he was. I got changed, a bit slower than usual, and went down to the beach. Over the next few days the guy was always there and my “shows” were getting longer and bolder. He seemed harmless, never approached me, and I was getting turned on. I even started masturbating at night thinking about him wanking while watching me.

After a week of this I noticed his arm moving in and out from behind the tree. He IS wanking! I thought. That got me really horny and that night I had a huge orgasm just thinking about it.

The next afternoon I had a bit of a plan. Sure enough he was there, and his arm was moving even before I had my dress off. I unbuttoned my dress, but left it on, then took off my bra and slowly dropped it in my bag. I then wiggles out of my knickers, still with my dress on. I slowly slid my dress down, first exposing my tits, then my pussy. That was meant to be the end of the show but I was getting really turned on so decided to go a bit further. I squatted down with my knees apart and pretended I was looking for something in my bag. His arm was moving furiously by now.

Then, I don’t know what came over me, still squatting, I leant back a bit on one arm and started playing with my pussy with the other! I signalled for him to come closer and when he was about three metres away, signalled for him to stop. Which he did. There he was, pants around his ankles, hand on his cock wanking away. There I was, legs wide apart, finger in my pussy, staring at a middle aged pervert getting hotter and hotter as I watched him rubbing his cock.

I even parted my lips as I looked straight into his eyes, then stuck two fingers in my, given the situation I call it a cunt, and came right in front of him. He the came with his spunk spraying all over the ground.

I then freaked out, quickly got dressed and ran home. Never went back. That was last summer and I can’t stop thinking about it, but I want to go back. Summer is a few months away and I have a few questions.
Should I go back? Should I put on a show again? Assuming he is there. What if he tries for more? I think I want him to fuck me, or at least cum on me. Is there something wrong with me? Or am I just a, now 17 year old, enjoying the attention?
Please let me know your thoughts.



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  • Others would say it's immoral or wrong, but obviously there's an attraction between you to. Fuck the shit out of him and get your pussy filled up. No point in letting all that spunk go to waste all over the ground. So what, he's older, he could be your soulmate for all you know.

  • Nice story, well written. No, nothing wrong with you, and I say go for it, just be careful.

  • Why did you say he was a pervert when it sounds like he was just a normal guy that saw a pretty girl?

  • It doesn’t matter, he’s probably been following you. Just wait for him to rape you at home.

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