Walked In On My Girlfriend Cheating On Me

This was in high school, she was 16 and I was 17. All either of us had done up to that point was kiss, I had gone a little further with some other girls. Me and my girlfriend had a strong relationship (or so I thought). We had previously talked about having sex and doing other stuff and I was excited to be the first one she did sexual stuff with. She was beautiful, probably out of my league. One Sunday night, my girl and her best friend, who was also very good friends with me, went and hungout with some friends of mine because this guys parents were gone. For whatever reason I wasn't able to go and it surprised me when my girlfriend told me that they were still going. My gf and her friends claimed to not even really like these guys because they did drugs, got in trouble, etc, so it shocked me that they were still going. I knew something wasn't right as the night went on so I snuck out of my house, I called both girls but neither of them answered. I got to the house and went through the front door, and another friend of my girlfriends who was sitting on the couch got very wide eyed and started nervously texting someone. I walked down the hall and into my friends room and quietly opened the door and what I saw is still vivid in my head to this day. My buddy was lying on the bed with no clothes, to one side of him was my girlfriend with her shirt off and bra still on and her right hand was stroking his cock really fast, and to the other side of him was my gf's friend in nothing but her bra and panties, and she was making out with him. They didn't see me or hear me come in so I just watched for a second. What I saw for those couple seconds deeply hurt me and turned me on so much I still can't get it out of my head. My innocent girlfriend, or so I thought, stroked him so fast and never let up, he started thrusting his dick up and my gf stroked even faster to the rhythm of his thrusts and then he came a lot, all over the sheets and her hand. Thats when I walked out and went home.

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  • I was like this in highschool my boyfriend thought I was an innocent girl. Only him. Well he couldn't go to a party one night so I went with my friends. Got drunk and high danced with different boys. Went into a bedroom with two of them. Was getting double teamed. Sucking off one while the other fucked me from behind. Boyfriend who said he couldn't make it walks in while I'm taking a load of cum in my mouth. Was so awkward but extremely hot. We didn't break up until later. I was such a bitchy slut in highschool.

  • Happened to me in college. Only I didn’t walk in on them. Just heard about it from EVERYONE.
    Fucking embarrassing. She fucked him friday. I fucked her saturday -even ate her pussy. And then word was out on Sunday.
    Then she comes over Sunday while I’m with buddies watching football. Calls me outside and we break up. The worst part was we got loud. I called her a stooopid kunt. Then I said “did you even make him wear a condom? I ate your pussy not long after he fucked you!”
    And again. EVERYONE HEARD IT.
    Damn. The shit I got from my college buddies after that.

  • Everything happens in College. I like a girl who was getting more cock than a porn slut.
    It didn’t bother her one bit. Every time she went out she picked out a guy she thought was hot. She liked the shy ones and she usually gave it to them good. The others guys would try and wear her out but she had so many different cocks wherever she went.
    I kept wondering how she didn’t pick up any disease. I knew about it and married her.
    She still loves to flirt and probably still fucks behind my back

  • What a loser. I take it she kicked you and your shriveled little dick to the curb not long afterwards.

  • So I take it you didn't stay with her but you were turned on by it?Did you not explore this some more with her?How does this affect your relationships nowadays?

  • Wow! He nutted his seed in your girl! That’s got to sting. Maybe she’ll let you try her later. But chances are his cock is what she is going to crave unless you are bigger and can out do his cock

  • In her HAND. She gave him a hand job.

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