Watching my wife

My wife and I like to watch porn. I especially like to watch porn involving pregnant women. For me, the ultimate porn to watch would be watching my wife having sex with other men and women. Especially if my would happen to be pregnant.

So we decided that I would get my wife pregnant and then when she begins to, she would have sex with other men while I watched. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my wife pregnant. So, we solicited men over the internet to fuck my wife and get her pregnant.

After watching several men fuck my wife, she became pregnant. When my wife was 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant, I got to watch my pregnant wife get fucked by countless men in various positions. I really enjoyed watching my pregnant wife getting gangbanged by several men at once.

26 days


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    • Lol! The three times I’ve been pregnant I get the horniest right after the first trimester to the beginning of six months. I have had sex with other men during this time that my husband doesn’t have a clue. I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant because I already am. The first trimester I’m usually deal with normal morning sickness. The second trimester I can’t control my hormones and i am constantly horny. After the second trimester I’m getting too big to enjoy sex.
      My husband is a Mormon asshole that thinks I am supposed to be barefoot and pregnant until I’m 40. Well I’m 26 three toddlers in tow. The forth pregnancy may not be his baby.
      Just to get even.

    • I had a mormon gf and she was not very abiding to her religion and neither was her sister lol

    • Sad

    • Enjoy raising that little cunt you cuck. What a fucking loser.

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