Panty thief

I am a self-confessed panty thief. At 54 you think I might have grown out of it over the years, but it has only gotten stronger the more I have done it. No matter who's house I go to, for what occasion, if there is a woman living in the house, it is a challenge for me to 'find the restroom' as an excuse to actually seek out the dirty laundry hamper and discreetly steal a pair of worn panties. Friends. Co-workers. Parties. Makes no real difference. The lure is still there. Could be the 60+ year old mature neighbor at an open house in the neighborhood...or my co-worker's daughter who is home from college for the summer. And when successful, I go home that night and masturbate while inhaling the scent. I hate that THAT is who I am, but that is my addiction.

Jul 7
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    • So far I have nearly 100 used panties in my collection, mainly from public laundromats... they are from preteen girls to older women. I love to masturbate with them and my urge to get more never ends!

    • Bro I'm addicted too. But I have to know what the chick looks like and she has to be attractive. If she is, I will definitely grab a pair and jerk off and lick the streak off them. I lick skids and all. Nothing turns me on more. I almost cum hands free just from sniffing them.

    • I sniff panties too, only like pussy and piss smells, no skidders for me

    • I love it also, but ever sniff some disgusting ones? My daughter in law is pretty hot. I thought hell yea, jackpot when I saw a pair in the laundry. I took a whiff and about vomited. Not sure how my son eats that but it don't smell anything like my wife's or any of my wifes sisters.

    • I’m the same . Nothing makes my cock as hard as whiffing asshole stains or pussy discharge

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