This site is great.
Sonething i bever told anyone. I had a sister that was Two years older. She was hot in her own way. But thats not what this is about.
I was home for the weekend and she was in charfe mom and dad was gone.
She was a senior and she let ne drink with her.
She gave ne a joint this night and we shared it. I fell asleep or passed out. When i woke my sister was sucking on ne my shorts were off.
I blacked out again and remember her pulling her sweats off and can remember bits and peaces.
I woke up the next morning with this foggy in my memory buti was dressed.
Never said a word but think my sister raped me.

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  • I miss those days with my older sister. Her husband told me she is like a guy when it comes to sex and always wants it. I just nodded and told him lucky you bro.

  • A shame your memory was foggy in the morning, you'll never know what you missed. Unless you just imagined it all in your drunken stupor.

  • His masturbatory revelry, though, from the appearence of things, he was still drunk and stoned when he posted.

  • She was in charfe? What in the hell is charfe? You really need to type slower, and make corrections as needed.

  • Obviously he meant "in charge".... a very possible typo that yeah, he should fix.

  • Lol

  • Yeah of course she did lol. Fuck off

  • You sound jealous

  • I love incest but I don't like fake posts

  • Its not fake n i know cos im his mummy who found out and let him and his sister use me...

  • No you're not. I can tell because you didn't spell "me" wrong. I would have believed you had you spelled it "ne" instead.

  • Anybody who had a real sexual experience with their family wouldn't write in the way you do.

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