I think am Bi

First of all am 25M and sometimes i tend to have some gay fetishes and i find this funny because am 100% straight and i've only fucked pussies.Now the issue is nowadays i think how it would feel to have my dick sucked by another dude or even suck him too.When i think of it i usually get an instant hard on.This weird fetish has escalated to a point i think of also how it would feel fucking a guys ass and i also cant mind mine getting a little fuck also.Anyone who might have experienced this feeling before?

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  • I’m a straight male and curious about fucking another guy.

  • Belonged to a group of married men who would feign watching the game at nick’s apartment and spend the time sucking and sometimes fucking each other off

  • I find myself fantasizing about giving blowjobs and acting slutty everyday. I don't know why this is happening in my brain, as I am not even attracted to men

  • I am a gay male and mostly suck straight married cock.

  • Recently came out as bi, always wanted a girl and a boy suck my 10 inch haha.

  • Yeah. Straight, happily married man in my 40s. It just hit me a few years ago that I wanted to suck cock. Started doing it a few times a year to students at the local university and to other married men around town. Took it up the ass a few times. A bit weird, but I don't regret it. Excitingly transgressive, and it lets off some steam.

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