My sister

I was 14 and my sister younger sister was 12, not sure why i did it but one weekend several people stayed over and our grandparents stayed in her room so she stayed in my room on the spare bead, i woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and she was uncovered her night shirt was pulled up and i could see her panties and it turned me on and wanted to see more so i slowly started to pull her tshirt up to see more until her tshirt was abover her hips, she looked so hot so i keept on going and strated to pull her panties off very slowly trying not to wake her up and to my surprise she pretended to stay asleep but casually raised her hips to allow me to o pull her panties off and then she let me spread her legs, and slowly inserted my finger in her pussy and she was letting me do it, then i heard someone opening a door so i covered her and went back to my bead.

The next day she did not say anything and later that day everyone went to eat lunch but i decided to stay at the house so did my sister and as soon as we were alone she came to me and said it is my turn to touch and look and she grabbed my cock trough my shorts i said ok is just fair so i pulled my shorts down and she started to give me a hand job and then started to give me a blow job, i was rock hard and she then said i want to know how it will feel in me do you want to try of course i said yes and she pulled her shorts down and i layed on the floor so she started to slowly sit on me saying it hurted a little until i was deep in her and she said i like how this feels and started to move up and down slowly increasing the pace until she had an orgasm and i came in her soon after we played with each other until i was hard again and we fucked again. Then that night once everyone was asleep she moved to my bead and woke me up to fuck again. After that i would either go to her room or she would come to mine on weekends.

We continued to fuck each other for about 2 years until one time she was late with her period and we thought she got pregnant since i would cum in her, so we stopped after that.


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  • I was 24 yrs old my sister was 13 yrs old I had moved back home we was always so far apart in age we had never hung out. I could stop noticing her tits and ass she was petite but her body was sexy. We talked allot and started hanging out I caught myself flirting with her and would feel sexually frustrated. My parents was gone for a few days and we was talking I ended up drinking with her. We suddenly was snuggling on the couch and my hands wondered she started kissing me. Before long I was leading her to my bedroom and stripping her naked and she help me get naked. We just stood looking at each other’s bodies and feeling she gripped my cock hard stroking it. I shoved 2 fingers inside her as we payed on the bed still kissing I started licking her pussy till she cam. She spread her legs wide open I could tell she wasn’t a virgin and worked my cock up inside her. We fucked like crazy while our parents where gone and when they got back we fucked as soon as they would leave. This continued for several years even after I moved out. To this day while we are both married we find time to fuck.

  • I wish I could stop and sometimes me and my sister are scared but it feels so good and we have being doing it for over a year. Our mom would realy whip us because she goes to church and group meetings in church and shes realy strict. Shes uses her hairbrush and ping pong paddle on me when I get into touble or bad grades. Its mostley on my boxers but sometimes on my bare and my sister always gets spanked on her bare bottom and only with moms hand. Mom even spanked us infront of others also and says its how to correct bad behaviour. Wish mom was not strict..

  • Im 13 and my sister is 11 and we mess with each other all the time and I can put my sperm in her cause she said she has not had her periods yet and we bought have great fun and she puts my dick in her mouth and I lick her pussy. Mom would strap us bought if she found out and its fun though and awsome...

  • Spelling lessons....BED not BEAD... nice fantasy child

  • I remember giving my brothers bj's and being their first. One of them came in his underwear the first time he got to touch me, I never laughed so hard in my life and told him that he was lucky it was with me and not a girlfriend.

  • If you fucked her for 2 year and never got het up the buff you must be fireing blanks .

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