Stepdads Mom

My mom re-married when I was in college and I would stay at their house during my summer breaks. His mom was a really nice woman but on the crazy side, she would be normal as hell around the two of them but during the day she did the craziest things. I was still sleeping one morning but it seemed like my sheets and blanket kept getting pulled off of me. I finally woke up enough to realize that it was her sitting on the edge of my bed reaching under the covers and lifting them up to get a look at me. I just stared at her for a second then she told me that I had a nice big bulge in my shorts. I usually just slept in my boxer shorts and woke up most mornings with a hard on. She reached right out and put her hands around my shorts squeezing my cock. I decided what the hell and just let her play with it all she wanted and when she realized that I was not going to stop her she pulled down my shorts. She just ran her hands over it for quite a while which was extremely teasing because I was already hard as a rock when she started. She finally leaned over and began licking and sucking on it, I was enjoying it completely and after a short time told her that I was about to orgasm. She just moaned out a little and tightened her lips up stroking me harder with her hands. I exploded into her mouth and she kept sucking and stroking me all the way thru it.
She did this very often and I think she really enjoyed doing it, I know I loved it the whole time. I would often play with her nipples under her shirt while she was sucking on me.

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  • Why don't you get her knickers off and give her a good licking as she sucks your dick .

  • You granny fucker! Carry on.

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